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In the summer of '99, I got a nice big red cyst on my cheek, size of a pea. It was huge and stuck out, but after a while it died down and seemed to blend in with the rest of my disgusting face. When I went away to the coast, however, last summer (2000), it came back with a vengeance, strutting its disgusting stuff once again, even more noticeably... so I popped it and picked it, and it finally almost died down, and after a few months, it sort of stayed flat and looked to be going away.

Now we are at the beginning of another summer, and the bugger is still there, protruding red ugliness from my otherwise post-accutane flawless face. The reason its bothering me so much is that I would have PERFECT skin if it wasn't for this bugger. And its coming back with a vengeance, I can feel it growing and itching again from inside of me.

Is there anyway to make this go away before it comes back, and/or cure it so it'll heal. Currently, I am on no vitamins or anti-biotics, as my skin has stayed relatively spot-free after finishing accutane six months ago.

So, any help would be great.


LOL ... I have the exact same situation.
This cyst on my cheek doesnt' really die. After popping it numerous times, it comes back. If it comes back again, Im going to see a professional dermatologist.
Infinite Theory,

I usually get a few recurring cysts on my chin. Just when I think that it must be gone, several weeks later, it's back!

For the first time, I currently have a pea-sized cyst on my right cheek (right smack in the middle). I finally broke down and picked it yesterday, though I didn't squeeze it hard. I just wanted to help dry it out with a little rubbing alcohol. It's now a dried-up, scabby bump. I sure hope that it goes away for good because your story isn't that hopeful. *sigh*

BTW, I am taking a multivitamin and zinc, while trying to wean myself off of antibiotics.


Generally, derm.'s like to give a cortizone shot before the cyst has gone full-bloom. I didn't know that the one on my cheek was a cyst until it hadn't changed in size in over 1.5 weeks.

Besides, every cortizone shot I've received for a cyst has left me with a permanent, indented scar. I prefer to use tea tree oil instead. It works slowly, but if it leaves a scar, it's unnoticeable to people.


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