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I had a problem with cystic acne for about 1 1/2 year.I tried retin,micro,diane,antibiotics and now I am using tazorac gel(which i think is good because it exfoliates my skin).But nothing really helped and I am still struggling.So I conducted further research.
Everybody knows that acne is the cause of imbalance or excess in hormones,usually testosterone or a toxic condition of the bowels and blood(usually colon).
I tried before Diane 35 to balance my hormones and it reduced acne a little, but didn't help much so that tells me that I probably have a toxic body like 80%of American people.The high fat and low fiber food will leave poisons in your system.
So I did some research on the colon and it looks like most diseases come from toxic colon and intestinal parasites,including acne,menstrual irregularities etc.You can check it out.If you have irregular bowel movements, bad digestion,low immune system,allergies and acne it means that our colon is very toxic and poisonous.If you did detox before and it didn't help ask yourself;How long did you do it?Did you stay on a healty diet(no sugar,meats eggs,bread etc)for at least 2 weeks during the cleansing program.Did you have complete colon cleansing or you took some red clover and burdock and expect a miracle to happen?If our body is toxic it means that we cannot absorb all the vitamins and minerals and that's why I can never see any results from taking vitamin suplements.
So if you are struggling like me and tried a lot but didn't find any results I recommend to go to the colon doctor or do some research on this topic and let me know what you think.
In conclusion, I promise I will tell you if I have any success with this as soon as I find out what it is.
Tell me if you have any problems above and hopefully together we can succeed.
best of luck maki

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