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I've read in many articles that your diet really does not affect acne. BUT...this article in SELF magazine quoted many doctors that believe the area requires more research but that food, may in fact, help skin.
Here's the general ideas: (i'm sure we know most of this already, but here goes..)
1. Dark leafy greens (spinach, kale)-attack acne
2. olive oil - decrease dryness
3. Water-boosts moisture (9 8oz glasses/day)
4. broccoli- keeps skin elastic
5. berries-fights wrinkling
6. Salmon - calms inflammation (Omega 3 fatty acid supplement can also help!) The MD recommends eating salmon 3x a week -- (note: but hey, does this fish contain iodine or is that only shellfish? we know iodine aggravates acne!)
7. Cantaloupe- stops flakiness
8. Soy- puts off pimples b/c acts like estrogen
9. Carrots-discourages wrinkling- has vit.A
10. Oatmeal- kills toxins-not the instant kind, the slow cooked, helps filter toxins

SKIN ENEMIES: alcohol, caffeine, sat. fat (red meat, ice cream, butter, and transfatty acids found in hydrogenated oils-cookies etc..

THE M.D. also has suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks (they include a lot of whats on the list above). But, for snacks he has: unsalted nuts, fresh fruit, olives, deep colored veggies (red pepper) with olive oil vinaigrette.
If you want exact details, i'll write the diet down. Otherwise its in the March issue of SELF.
Hope this helps!!

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