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Hi Justmeagain, i'll be glad to answer your questions. I meant for my earlier post to be included with MickeyM's topic line, but I guess I pushed the wrong button and it appears as a new topic. Sorry.

I had several small ice pick scars,and one that was huge...looked like a giant stretched out pore, from a cyst. For over ten years tried every product i could find to get rid of it...
A doctor told me the best way, in his opinion, to reduce big ice pick scars was to excise them because they need to have straight,even edges in order to heal over...but i never had that done. Was also told, maybe you have heard this too, that products like Retin A and hydroxy acids may make some scarring worse because they remove the top layers of skin, exposing and opening up the scar to it's biggest part. That was always my experience with those products too. But this chamomille/ala cream seems to plump the scar up from the inside out so that it fills least that is what it did for me. I hope I'm describing it right so that you can get an idea of how it worked for me. The other thing, maybe from the chamomille, is that it gives your skin a very smooth texture immediately. It just glides on very smoothly, and makes the texture of the skin smooth, and it stays that way...makes a great make up base. It didn't seem to aggravate any active acne one way or the other either. It's not too oily.
This line of products makes a 12% alpha hydroxy too and that is NOT the one that gives you the texture. At least that wasn't my experience. It's the other moisturizer in the product line, the facial therapy.
And surprisingly, that is the one with the ala. Hope this helps.
Getting back to your questions, so far my small ice picks are gone, and the one big scar is reduced considerably, if I had to give it a percentage, i'd say at least 70%, to where I don't consider having to do anything about it anymore. I'd say the results are permanent because the smaller ones haven't come back, and the big one has stayed reduced and is now hardly noticeable. I also had quite a big pock mark from chicken pox as a child, I still have it, but
it's not as jagged. It's smoothed over some. I
think it works better on the scars that are like
holes, because it fills them up somehow.

I wouldn't say this cream made the cysts I had at the time any worse. It's big thing tho is it works wonders on fine lines and filling in the holes. It's marketed primarily as a chamomille wrinkle cream though. Hope this helps! Take care.

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