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...Where do you go to? What do you ask for? I need advise on this one, as I will be visiting the US soon. I just couldn't bare to think I will be struggling big time with my diet... I think I am doing pretty well on this diet, my skin is improving and I just don't want to ruin it. Any advise would be very much appreciated. I think I need to take this question to the allergy board too. LOL.
MimiM -

Good luck. American diets are so full of crap..fat, bad oils, chemicals, hormones, antibiotics. Almost all resturants use the same processed foods even when they say it is fresh. We also have very large portions compared to the rest of the world. (wonder why everyone is overweight?). You could always stick to salad with little dressing on the side.. boring, but you know it is allergen free..

What city are you going to?
You may want to check in the phone book for a 'natural' resturant.. Several of the big cities have them. Is cooking your own food an option? Most places have healthfood stores that cater to allergy free diets.
I'm not so sure about the gluten, but I know there are many many places you can go in the states for the dairy free food. I'm vegan and I live in New Jersey. I don't know where you're headed, but anywhere you go should have a few options. If you visit indian or chinese restaruants there are vegan options, or if you go to a specifically veg*an restaraunt you can tell them you don't want gluten and you'll be fine. They're used to that.

Good luck, keep posting!
Hi, don't know if anyone is still interested in this post, but i thought i would add that if you are coming to New York you can buy a guide to restaurants that are vegetarian. That is a start at find whole foods places to eat. It should be pretty darn easy here, but i imagine it would be tough in middle America. If in New York, you would definetly want to try Zen Palatte--- YUM!
Hi Mimi,

Gosh, eating out is the worst when you have allergies, isn't it? I eat out occasionally, and there are a few things that I can eat when I do splurge, without eating dairy or gluten. I usually stick with chicken, and I ask the waitress to get the chicken *PLAIN* (i.e. request that there is no sauce or marinade of any kind on the meat). If you explain your allergies, they are usually more than accomdating. Also, most restaurant food usually comes with veggies, and I also request that those are plain and steamed (no butter or marinade, either). If you can eat rice, be careful that the rice is plain, that there is no broth used when cooking the rice (it might contain gluten). If you're in a place that has a variety of things to choose from, try sushi or other Japanese fare. That stuff is yummy. And can't go wrong with salad! Also, if you're out at a place that serves breaky all day long, sometimes I go with an omlette or eggs (no cheese) and request that there is no milk in the egg batter. You can also get yummy hashed browns and stuff.

So..eating out isn't all bad... you just have to know what you can eat. good luck!

I didn't see you mention that you were a vegetarian, so just about any resturant that has steak, chicken, fish, seafood, and a salad or steamed vegetables should meet your requirements. These places are everywhere here. Just stick with the meat and vegetables on the menu and stay away from the breads, grains, cheese, milk, and other similar foods. That shouldn't be very hard to do except maybe at fastfood resturants which tend to have everything wrapped in some sort of bread or is breaded and deep fried in hydrogenated vegetable oil.

how about barley and stuff like that? is that stuff ok?

I don't know about other people who have replied to this post, or if you're asking if Mimi can eat barley, but I know that for most people with gluten intolerance, barley is a no-no. I was told by my doc. and nutritionist that I was not able to eat this stuff. It's ok, though.. I don't really like beer and have no idea what else it is in.


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