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After the first treatment of glycolic peels, did you see any changes on your face?

Do you have to use lotions or gels for your face after the first glycolic treatment?

How many treatments do you have to go through glycolic to satisfy what you want?

In my case, can it really help me?

Sorry for these questions but I'm new at this. THANKS!
i doubt those are scars but rather residual red marks left over after acne. they'll go away on their own over a period of months, but glycolic acid will take them away much faster. it seems to have worked better on red marks for me so far than did microdermabrasion. you say you have brown skin. are you black, or native, or just dark-complected? i think glycolic acid can be used on much darker skins, but i'm unsure for higher percentages of it. you may not even need a high percentage though.

i noticed a change in my skin after the first treatment, which wasn't too high a percentage. it peeled more than microdermabrasion treatments did, which is good i suppose. the 50% one i just had caused me to peel even more, especially on my nose. it's not major peeling, but it kinda resembles what you'd have a few days after a sunburn. they gave me products with the package to use too. there's a gentle cleanser, and a spray that has nutrients and such in it, and i got a cream with 10% glycolic acid in it as well. they're all from the glyderm line by icn pharmaceuticals. even the peels i got. there're really no special products you need for after-treatment. just a mild cleanser and some moisturizer for a few days.

and, i can't really say how many treatments you'll have to endure, but if it's what it sounds like, it won't be many and they'll likely clear up entirely if not become unnoticeable and then gradually lighten on their own even more. i don't think you have scarring really, from the sounds of it, but the marks you get after acne can look like it which is almost just as bad. they'll probably have a package of about 6 treatments you can buy, and it's only about $400 usually. and like i said, i got a some products with mine even. you can use them anytime you want, too. you'll have to watch sun exposure as well, which might not be fun in the summer. usually after a couple weeks though after the deepest glycolic peel (70%), you can go out as usual with sunblock and not worry about anything. even the day after, depending on strength of acid used, you can go out for a little while, but definitely with sunblock. you won't be confined to the house really though, but you'll want to watch your sun exposure for a little while after the peels. it all depends. it sounds like a few of these might clear you up though.
pharmacyman, do you know what brand of peels you had done, and, where'd you have them done at, a derm's or ps's office?

i was thinking, they shouldn't burn all that much. especially a 30% one. my 40% one, at worst, stung a little. granted, the 50% was worse, but easily bearable all the same. they give you a little fan though, but i didn't have to use it this time. it would help though. they're really not bad at all, but maybe it's the brands or something that make a difference. i wouldn't think so, but who knows.

by the way, how much are you paying per treatment? i haven't heard a limit on treatments, but after so many (say, about 10 after 2-3 weeks apart or so), you should only maybe do one every 1 or 2 months, kinda like you would microdermabrasion.

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