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Hello, I've read the various posts regarding accutane and the many conflicting view points on it. First of all since everyone seems to disagree on the severity and frequency of the side effects I thought i would help out

Chapped lips 90%
Dry skin and itching 80% (alpha hydroxy helps)
Dryness of nose, nose bleeds 80%
Irritation of eyes and eye lids 40 % (vitamin E 400-800 i/u a day may help)
Join and muscle pain 15 %
Temporary hair thinning 10 %
Rash 7%
Intestinal symptoms 5%
urinary symptoms 5%
headache 5%
increased sun sensitivity 5%
Decreased night vision 1%
Depression, thoughts of suicide 1%

As you can see the symptoms towards the bottom of the list are not "common every days side effects" from accutane. They are RARE. I have done extreme amounts of research to come to this conclusion. The premature fusing of epiphyseal plates is also not common, the dosage that Tommy??? mentioned exceeds the recommended dosage amount for a person taking accutane. Studies have revealed that in individuals who have premature fusing of their epiphyseal plates not only on a higher dose then recommended, they were also on it for a length of time higher than recommended. Also KDB, your phrase "Accutane kills" is misleading. KDB, like i said earlier, I'm sorry about the suicide you mentioned, but you act as if everyone who goes on accutane will commit suicide or will die from accutane. This is not so, it's just your biased opinion based on your experiences. I'm trying to remain as unbiased as i can here, but I am going to state the facts and the truth is a severe severe reaction to accutane is not common. I am 100 lbs, have a history of depression in my family, and I have had almost no side effects. I'm not saying everyone is going to have as easy a time with accutane as I have, but not everyone is going to kill themself either. For some it may be a great medicince, for some it may not be one they want to take. Do the less common bad experiences out way the overwhleming good experiences??? I hate to think so because if it's going to come to this than we can say goodbye to just about every drug on the market. If it's going to come to this than all you other ladies need to throw your birth control because I have bad side effects on it, in fact some women have even died from blood clots. So maybe we should take that off the market, the same with prednisone because I know people who had terrible experiences while on it. My friend can't take any antibiotics of the cycline family because of side effects, should we ban that too??Anyways i think you get my point, everyone is diferent and everyone will have different reactions to medication. Are one's bad experiences more important than another's good??? I would hate to be the one to make that decision

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