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As far as stuff I'm putting on my face - nothing. I only wash with Purpose bar soap twice a day - I've even stopped using makeup! Now that my face is clear I could probably start with the makeup again - but why bother? I've decided I'll start wearing makeup when guys start wearing makeup! But enough of that.

I started out on 1g of B5 a day, but I've gradually increased it to 15g (yes, 15 grams) a day. At the end of April I plan to slowly decrease the dosage until I get to a maintenance dose.

I'm taking all kinds of herbs and vitamins - but I've been doing that for years. I am taking an EFA (essential fatty acids) product that has evening primrose oil in it, but it didn't make any difference for me.

For those of you familiar with my story, sorry for the repetition. First off, let me tell you that I'm 42 and have had acne for about 10 years. I never had a problem as a teenager - go figure! I guess you could call my acne mild to moderate. I always had 3 to 20 blemishes at any point in time - mostly on my jawline, forehead and chin. I did start to get some on the back of my neck and back as well. I mostly had nodules and cysts (red and sore, but not filled with pus). When they did finally clear (some lasted months, literally) a hard brownish core would come out, almost like a small pebble. Weird, huh? I tried a lot of the OTC stuff - BP, salysilic acid, Dial soap (anit-bacterial), etc. Finally I broke down and went to a derm. She told me I was doing all the right stuff, and if that didn't work she had some more powerful stuff to try. She started me out with erythromycin (topical) - didn't do anything; then added Retin-A (topical) - didn't do anything, then started me on tetracycline (oral) - didn't do anything. Oh yeah, my GP also gave me some clindomycin (cleocin-t, topical) - it worked OK, but he wouldn't give me any refills. I also stopped using any make-up at this time, I figured less was better.

After a couple of years of taking all this stuff and putting goop on my face I just gave up and threw it all away. None of it was doing anything - then we moved out of state - so that gave me another excuse to throw it all away. So for a couple of years I just lived with it until I decided to start trying various OTC potions to see if they've improved over the years. They still didn't do anything for me. I finally stumbled on a website (can't remember which one) that talked about B5 for acne. I didn't really give it any credence - but when I got on two different acne BBs and people were talking about B5 I decided to give it a shot. I read Dr. Leung's report and figured - why not, it makes sense to me!

I started out using KAL brand 1000mg. It was tablets and kinda pricey. So I switched to vitaminshoppe brand 500mg capsules. I bought it online, but you can get a catalog and order it snail mail. I started out at 1g a day and gradually increased it - about 1g a week. When I got to 9g a day I stayed there for about a month, then I kicked it up to 12g and finally 15g. At this level I seem to be getting the best results. I don't know if it's because 3 1/2 months had gone by or because of the dosage level, or a combination of both. The B5 is kind of expensive, but no more expensive than the combination of stuff I was using in the past. I've had NO side effects from the B5 - with the exception of one. When I upped it to 15g I tried taking it 3 times a day 5g at a time. I had horrible gas and cramps. I kept it at 15g, but spread it out to 4g 3 times a day and 3g for the 4th time in a day. That seems to work for me - I haven't had any cramps, gas, or diarrhea.

There you have it. I'm hoping B5 continues to work its wonders as I reduce the dosage. My theory is that I was really deficient in B5, that's why it took so long and so much. Now that my face is clear I must not be deficient any more and I can reduce down to a maintenance level - hopefully 2-3g a day.

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