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I was just wondering if you have varying types of skin breakouts that all come to a head with puss is it some form of acne or can it be other conditions?

I know I need to see a doctor bad and sadly am letting my weight problem and having no self esteem get in the way of getting help for some bad skin issues I started getting out of nowhere a year ago.

But Im just wondering because I am having all sorts of varying breakouts practically all over my body that all seem to come to a head. on my thighs but and back I get these raised big whiteheads that bleed a little when popped and hurt like hell and they seem to scar and even recur in some of the same spots and remain raised and red. I then have different smaller breakouts all over my arms and sides and aroudn the knee which are also puss filled but smaller, and both of these all take longer to heal than acne on my face which Im also getting lately.

What I have has moved in patterns on both sides of the body and I am literally covered now and it won't let up and Im just wondering if since every lesion starts by coming to a head with puss that it has to be acne? or could this be something more serious like an infection or something? I just assumed it was acne but haven't a clue about skin issues and am wondering if I can scare myself into going to a damn doctor if I find it could be something else bad

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