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I live in NY state so the climate is pretty cold right now.The spots are smooth and look exactly like the red spots left after a zit the only thing some just happened to appear with no zit or a very tiny white head and they take forever to go away .
Also please don't think I'm crazy ,It seems when I'm in very bright light and look in a mirror like theres hundreds of new flat spots everywhere and my face looks blotchy I dont know maybe it's just the lighting and Im parnoid.
See I also stopped the triax for two days because its frying my skin and I havent had any problems for 6 wks.and for those 2 days I put fruit of the earth aloe vera on the red marks so I don't know maybe it's from that but Is it possible my face would be that sensitive to any thing new I put on it? I mean I read all the time how people try this or that on there face.I don't know I just can't figure out if it's me making my face worse by putting stuff on it or if thats how acne starts.Can any of you tell me if this is how you'r acne started?
btw there is only one derm.close to where I live so I don't have too many choices. Karen14 Im very sorry about you're mishap.May god bless all of you .Ive gone through a lot of self esteem problems such as over weight etc. but nothing has hurt my pride as much as acne You really have to be a strong person for this and please try not to blame yourselfs also as weird as it seems coming from me I just want to say I think a lot of people don't notice as much about you'r acne as you do. I can honestly tell you I don't remember noticing red marks on people before I had the problem but now that I have them I find myself obsessing over them.

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