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ok. ive been on b5 for about 2 months almost. i also take 60mg of zinc per day and just about any other vitamin thats known to help acne (a,b,c,e,epo,msm). so far ive experienced my moneys worth of results. the only thing i find myself experiencing still is prolly my mind playing tricks on me. see, im so used to getting up to find new pimples on my face that its like routine for me to walk over to the mirror and start picking first thing in the morning. but recently when i goto the mirror, i dont see anymore REAL problems. usually in the past one would be staring me right in the face. but now its almost like i have to search for a zit. so i stand there looking for the smallest little white speckle under the skin and try to squeeze and pick at it. I CANT STOP ONCE I START EITHER! when im done i end up looking like i have really bad acne again, but in actuality its damage ive created on my own just by picking and squeezing my skin. it annoys me so much because what i pick at is the same kinds of little bumps even people without acne get (like from shaving maybe). sometimes i even go as far as pricking any little white speck just because it reminds me of acne. im telling you im crazy. i actually sit there and put my head like 2 inches away from the mirror and look for the slightest bump or white speck imaginable and i end up turning it into a big red irritated mess. i guarruntee you people without acne (even supermodels), if you stretch their skin, they have little white bumps underneath their skin too--they just dont know it because they arent used to examining their face like acne sufferers are so they never end up finding out about them. which means they come and go unnoticed and are never turned into a big mess (like i turn them into). anyway, im rambling--all im trying to say is i have a problem and i wanted to know if anyone else does this? if i didnt do this i would look pretty decent. but i am so used to having the acne that its almost like i cant believe its not there anymore and i look for stuff to squeeze. ok--please help me out if you can. take care


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