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Re: Acne Survey
Nov 19, 2001
Age: late 20's
Sex: female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 110
Restricted diet: hell no
Supplements: morning:1 multi-vitamin, 1 flax seed oil (100mgs), 1 calcium(60% of RDA), 1 garlic tablet; one ginseng evening: 1 calcium(60% of RDA), 1 vitamin C, 1 selenium, 1 vitamin E(100iu)
Exercise: 5 (everyday)
H2O intake: between 3-4.5 liters a day
Age when started acne: about 15
Age when started puberty: about 12
Age when ended puberty: not sure
Diabetic: no
Oral antibiotics: no, never
Prescription: no, unless you count OrthoCyclen
Number of times I wash my face: morning: Cetaphil w/baking soda after work: cetaphil after working out: Neutrogena alcohol-free toner total: 3-4 times
OTC: Neutrogena on the spot 2.5% BP or (usually) 100% tea tree oil
Parents have it?: my mom did/does mildly, she has oily skin; my father doesn't appear to at all
What type do I have?: mild, mostly whiteheads/blackheads, some get inflammed; was moderate when I went off of birth control pills
How many "active" acne do I have?: well, it looks like maybe only one small one on my forehead, hard to tell, since I have mostly whiteheads and clogged pores and some rash around my mouth
Am I currently "breaking out"?: well, in clogged pores and whiteheads on my forehead, yes

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