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Hi people!

Ok it's been 2 weeks since my last update. I'm on 20mg, I weigh 140lbs/Male

Side effects from weeks 2-4:
1) Minor hair loss...not too bad though. It doesn't have the body that it used too, that's all.
2) Dry skin, lips, hair
3) Headaches near the eyes...imagine a 2 inch radius around your eyes, this is where my headaches are. They come and go

Acne breakouts:
-My cysts that were there before accutane are still there. But going away a little at a time. Everymorning a thin layer of skin come off each cysts (total three).
-Minor breakout of pimples (regular pimples, not whiteheads) during week 3 which lasted one week. All of the pimples dried up with a nasty head and then fell off. Total pimples - 3.
-Total: 3 cyts from before starting accutane/3 pimples that are almost gone completely.

I wash with Purpose once a day in the morning after my shower with warm water and then I splash with cold water. I used to use cetaphil moisturizer but I switched to palmer's cocoa butter. Many of you will say that it will clog my pores but, remember I don't have superficial acne. And the minor breakout that I got was in places that I don't ever put any medicine, nor is it my acne prone area (Odd places, no one can tell). Since my acne comes from within and after years of topicals, I've realized that the only thing or things that effect my acne comes from within. That's why the cocoa butter won't do any harm. The one that I am using is Palmer's Cocoa butter w/ AHA and Vit E. My scars are fading fast and have no problems so far. I put this on 15min after I wash. Then, that's it until the next day.

My diet has been horrible. I've been eating chinese food to ice cream to cakes...basically everything that I didn't eat when I was on the strict diet before. Damn, how I missed food. I still take my vitamins which are zinc, e, and saw palmetto. The saw palmetto is not for the acne but for my hair. I have plenty of hair but just being careful. The good thing about accutane is it lets me eat whatever I want, since sebum production is being controlled by accutane.

Does anyone else notice a reduction of scarring while on accutane because of the continuous exfoliation of skin cells? Some parts of my skin is becoming extremely smooth and soft. So far the only regret so far is I wished that I could have done accutane sooner, especially before my last breakout. take care people.

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