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Thanks Savvy,

I have a question for you...If you are at home and you are not going out, do you still moisturize. I'm trying to figure out if our skin will heal better with or without moisturizer. I've also noticed "tiny, tiny" bumps and I also think it is from over moisturizing. Oh yea, washing my face only one time a day, in the morning, is definately working better. I know it's hard to adjust to because you might think your face feels yucky before you go to sleep but I think it's all in our heads. I think that our natural moisture and oils are good for you and you shouldn't strip it off your face. Just try it, it can't hurt. I only put lotion on in the morning and use a humidifier at night. Oh, about the headaches...I don't really want to mention them to my doc because you know what might happen. He might take me off the accutane. They come and go, there not that bad. They go right away if I take a tylenol but I'm reluctant to take any pain killers or any other pills. It's funny, they switch from eye to eye, do you get that? My lips are a mess, but who cares? What about scarring? Hows your scarring and is it improving. Instead of a bloody nose, I get bloody gums. Maybe once a week, but listerine takes care of it right away. Anyway, I have 12 1/2 weeks to go. For some odd reason I like taking accutane everyday because it gives me the feeling of secureness against any cysts. I also asked my friends who took accutane and they told me that acne might come back but as superficial acne rather than deep cystic acne. They used to have a couple of cysts, now you can still see a few bumps but no cysts. That's all the info I need to hear. Good luck...keep the conversation going...laterz

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