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My situation sound(ed) exactly the same as yours did while on mino. I was on it for about 2.5 years for acne that was controlled, but persistent. I finally decided to go on accutane 6 months ago (more for oily skin than for acne), and it has been a godsend. Your fears are very legitimate, and were the same as mine. I was very scared that I would become very dependent on it, and knew that I ultimately could not stay on it forever. Seeing that my cousins were still getting acne in their late 20's, I figured that it was not something I was going to grow out of and that taking accutane as a 'cure' might be an option. So I am slightly suggesting this to you too as an around and see if it is something you would like to pursue. Good luck with your decision :)
I took minocycline for years. It was very expensive when i took it. If you have been on it that long i would look into a more aggressive treatment. I did 2 cycles of acutane and now (about 6 years later) still have very dry skin on my legs in the winter. I was also VERY miserable while taking accutane. But i had stomach problems from taking antibiotics for so many years and was just sick of it. After taking huge dosages of doxycycline for a year all of a sudden i had a severe sun reaction to it during a trip to FL. Bad timing. So i wanted to try something more. Acutane is not as bad as some say nor is it as good as others say. Be sure your doc monitors your liver enzymes if you take it.
Hi, I am in the same boat! I have been on minocycline for longer than two years actually (i think its been four now! I have stopped taking it twice after gradually reducing my dosage under a doctor's supervision. And both times my acne came back, not worse, but it came back. This second time was only recently and has got me thinking about alternatives too. That's what brought me to this board. I don't know about accutane, it seems like its really harsh. I have tried Diane and it worked well but unfortunately I couldn't continue taking it because I had alot of breakthrough bleeding. I know too much information for you males out there! Anyway, good luck with your quest for an alternate method of treatment!

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