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I've taken Erythromycin for 2+ years. (I took other antibiotics since I was 16.) Of course, I always decrease my pill intake as needed.

My problem is this: A month ago, I had what I believe to be strep throat. My doctor (who ran no tests) gave me Amoxicillin, which I took for a week, while stopping the Eryc. I went back to taking one (250 mg) Eryc. a day afterward.

Now, I feel the "strep" symptoms (left underside of tongue swollen, left lymph nodes swollen) again. Plus, I had a low-grade fever for days, and my sense of taste has been diminished. My doctor says it's the Eryc. and should stop it. My pharmacist says I may have been immune to the Amoxicillin (due to the Eryc.) and never got rid of my other viral infection. He said I should take something like Minocycline.

I've been told that one shouldn't stop antibiotics cold turkey, but I'm not sure what else to do if my body is rejecting them so vehemently.

I am BURNED out from antibiotics. My body obviously doesn't want anymore, but I don't know what else to do to prevent cysts. (Accutane is NOT an option.) Has anyone had good results balancing out the body's hormones, and whatnot, with natural treatments (i.e., Chinese herbs, vitamins, etc.)???


Have you ever taken accutane?

Anyway, I agree with karen, do everything you can to boost your immune system. Try some echinacea, have raw garlic in your meals; at least 4 raw cloves crushed into your food per day, (great immune booster and definitely helps decrease cysts especially once they have formed from my own personal experience of dealing with cysts),zinc is really good,all of these helped me come off antibiotics.

I was on antibiotics from the age of 14 till 23. I was kind of lucky though. Never ran into any major problems with them. I started with tetracycline, then septrin forte, and minocycline. They all worked brilliantly, but I knew I would eventually have to come off them for my healths sake. Thats when I went onto accutane. Not a good choice for me.(Wasnt the cure all I thought it would be) But you live and learn.

Now I dont take anymore antibiotics. The last time I took them for my skin was about 1year and a half ago. B5, zinc, epo,help keep me away from having to take antibiotics to help my skin. I feel I have had to take too many drugs to help my skin and putting my health at risk.

Please try the immune boosting supplements along with your doctors advice.

Let us know how everything goes. There was a time when I thought I would never be able to get off antibiotics, but supplements have made all the difference for me.

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