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Got this off the web somewhere.

Many of you may remember struggling with acne as a teenager. Most people grow out of it. But, for millions of Americans, acne is a devastating problem. But there is hope in the form of a new treatment.

Twenty-year-old Jennifer Heuther enjoys getting out. Whether it's outdoors with her dogs or meeting with friends, she now has more confidence.

But just a few months ago, it was a different story. "My face was bumpy, Heuther said. It was purple. It was bad. I didn't want to go out."

In her senior year of high school, when most teens are finished with acne, Jennifer's face began to break out. "I stayed home most of the time, said Heuther. I didn't want to go out. I was afraid to go to school because people were focusing on me. It wasn't what I wanted, so I had to do something."

After trying prescription lotions and medications, Jennifer found the drug Tazarotene. Rochester is one of eight centers studying the medication.

"This new generation drug, at least in preliminary studies, has much less side effects, said Dr. Robert Loss, a dermatologist. It's a third generation drug much newer, only three or four years away from being a prescription drug."

The current most powerful acne medication on the market is Accutane, but side effects can be severe. They can include dry skin and lips, it raises cholesterol and can impact liver function.

This new drug appears to work just as well, but without the side effects.

Jennifer has only been on the medication since December and already, she's seeing improvement.

"I've had less lesions on my face, Heuther said. It isn't as red as it usually is. Its gotten better, I think."

The study lasts for 24 weeks and requires 10 visits. There is no cost to take part in the study. It is only open to people 16 years and older with severe acne.

Call 1-800-250-9432 for more information about this drug.

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