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The thing that sucks about acne is the constant thoughts that surround it. I am constantly thinking about the type of lighting that I'm going to be in and there have been thousands of times when I've said "no" to outdoor activities because of my skin. I've met guys in bars and I'm afraid to make any kinds of dates with them for fear of rejection after they've seen the 'real' me...I mean your skin is a constant factor in your life...what will they think of me at a job interview, what will my roomates think of me at night with no makeup on..etc etc.
My only advice to you is to talk to your boyfriend about it and ask him what he thinks, communication is so key.
But for now take solace in the fact that I know EXACTLY how you feel and so do hundreds of others...and something tells me your boyfriend will think your cool anyways, mine did!
Good luck
Hi there, i get sick a lot and have to take a form of steriods, well anyway, the steriods make me break out so horribly that I keep the lights low in my house so if people come over they don't notice as much. It gets really bad to the point that I don't even want to go out. Well finally friends and family convinced me that it wasn't so bad. Even though I think it is it helps to know other people are critiqueing me as much as I do myself. Anyways as for makeup I have used Mac's studio fix (powder/foundation)and it works wonders. Just make sure you get the right shade. You'll be able to test it on the counter. don't be afraid to ask for help either, those makeup artists have seen everything. Good luck!
I met my girlfreind while I was at my worst. I had some acne, I was tired, dirty, my hair was messy, my thumb bleeding. It was after a good 14 hours at work. She went out with me after seeing me in that condition, so everything else is pretty well uphill from there.

Also, for the girls out there. I really wouldn't care if she had acne or not. There's so many different things about each person (personality, body type, teeth, voice, hair, and hundreds more) that it's not that big of a deal if a girls' face is perfect or not.

Use it to your advantage. Forget about the makeup, if a guy doesn't like you because of the acne, then the guy's a dumbass. But if it's not a big deal for the guy, then he probably has some sort of decency, and it will probably never be a big deal in the future.

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