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Gosh--- Thank you guys for all your support and stories... I feel like I'm def. not battling this alone... It helps to know that I'm not the only one who obsesses as much as I do.

Now..about the 'grass being greener'? Who CARES about boobs... Guys SEE your face. And flab? You can hide that under clothes... but your skin is the sun.. all the time.

Also..Angelbaby.. I'm having the same problem with my foundation looking gross in the sun. I found the PERFECt foundation (my aestician blends it to fit my skin tone EXACTLY.. which is great) but after an hour.... outside? Its oily and gross and melting... She said to me "That's good. It means your pores are breathing." But geez... I shouldn't have to look like a melting wax sculpture for my pores to breathe. Can anyone reccomend and matte powders or stuff to keep that water-based, oil-free make-up on and matte? I heard Benefit products are good...

Hey.. JERseygirl... Where you from? I grew up in Middletown.

Sorry to go back on this.. but yeah..zits you can cover and can come and go...But what about things like SCARS and large PORES and even brown spots that last months? Those are truly nasty in light.. And you know when you see people with them and without... How can we conquer this... If we could just say "Alright. I shall have esteem and confidence from now on." That would be simple... But this has been going on for at least 1 1/2 years..... I can't simply create confidence or shatter my mirror... I don't know what to do.

We southern Cali people should form some support group or something... Talk about our skin image issues.. Gosh... It feels like an eating disorder sometimes! It deserves such care!

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