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Ok, I've had acne for a year now, I barely ever get cysts, Myabe once a year. But currently I have been trying many different internet/over the counter products and I'm still getting acne. Currently Its only mild. Here are my problems.

I used proactiv, which really cleared my face up but I had to stop because it was making deep blackheads appear near my nose on my cheek, ONLY there. SO now I have these little BLACK blackheads there that i cant get rid of unless I push them out. So yes, proactiv did work to an extent but i had to stop.

Also, I have red marks on my cheeks in certain places but there is NO pimple or anything popping out of the skin? Maybe scars? How would i treat those?

Now there are maybe 2 little red pimples on the right side of my cheek, none on the left side though, strange or normal? How to treat that?

I have blackheads on my nose and chin, and i have NEVER been able to get rid of them no matter what i do. Does anyone know a treatment for blackheads that actually works?

And from time to time I get whiteheads, if i get really upset ill pop them with a extractor but that always leaves a red mark for like a month.

With all these problems can some reply with some answers on how I can get rid of them? I cant go to a dermatologist because im not on health insurance, I prolly should get some though, heh so does anyone know any internet based prodects that can help?
Murad? Serious SKin Care? Ive heard good things about these 2 but havent tried them yet?

If you want to suggest a product to me post here

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