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I'm annoyed that I've had acne over half my life now (I'm 22 now and had it since I was 9), so I've always had to hide my face with makeup one way or another. I feel it's tough as a girl because people view you differently when your skin isn't exactly perfect and probably more when you've got deep scars like mine.

Now, not only do I have to worry about covering up my acne (which seems to somewhat be getting better), I have also started losing pigment on different parts of my body (vitiligo methinks):

My face -- grr

My chest area -- meaning no more low cut shirts

Back of my neck -- no more ponytails

I really don't know what to do... I won't be able to see a derm until Sept, so for now I'm stuck having to go day by day not knowing what's going on, but always wearing makeup when I go out. You can still see the white areas on my face with makeup on and I can tell when people are looking.. it's embarassing. I think I am an attractive girl in general, but it doesn't really go with me to have so many flaws to hide. Am I doomed?

If I choose to depigment, that means I'll never be able to tan again. I've always tanned easily so I never had to worry about sunscreen. If I become all pale, I will have to live a life with sunscreen and my acne scars will probably become more prominent.

Sometimes, I feel that God has done this to me to teach me something... but what? To work on my inner beauty only? Does anyone else suffer from having to cover up acne AND white skin patches or what not? I hope I'm not alone here. =(

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