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Re: Summers here
May 14, 2001

the trick is to beat acne from all angles. you dont want to leave any stones unturned. since acne is an internal disorder that shows on the outside, you have to beat it from the inside. b5 and zinc are really good for doing that. but you must find your optimum dose of b5. anywhere from 5 to 15 grams seems to be the ballpark amount. i suggest you keep upping the dose--you'll eventually find the amount that works best. as for the zinc, well as you know its toxic in large amounts, so stay under 75mg of this. if you can, get zinc picolinate or gluconate (they seem to work better than any other form). also, get the 25-30mg kind--so you can take them in conjunction with your b5. changing your diet is another important part--almost as important as the supplements. dont worry about going to extremes though, its not necessary to eat like a rabbit. but you want to make sure that you stay clear of dairy and hard fats. they are the 2 killers. as far as sugar, salt, red meat, and wheat--just cut back on these things. alright. that should be it for the inside (unless you wanna get really crazy with supplements like i do--but i dont know if everything i take helps, so you should keep it at a minimum for a month at least and see what happens). now, the outside (your face) should be only treated at night. but if you find it necessary to put on sunblock or sunscreen during the day, thats ok too. well anyway, at night you should practice exfoliating. theres tons of ways to do this but i think a retinoid is the easiest. avita and retin a are good. and then theres differin which is pretty good too. or if you dont see a derm you can buy a otc product. basically thats it man. you gotta remember though--be faithfull! dont let a single day go by where you forget to do something (like take a pill or exfoliate). also, its important to keep positive. you'll find that if you keep your stress level down, you'll face will look nicer. alright buddy, good luck and remember that even if this doesnt workout for you--dont think its hopeless to get rid of your acne. just think of this as another approach that didnt work--and then try another one. good luck.

take care!


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