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I just wanted to share my story on how I got rid of my acne problem. I know that everyone is different but this is what worked for ME.

Acne was never really a problem for me during high school. I would occasionaly get a pimple (never any blackheads) now and then, but I had pretty good skin. Then, all of a sudden for some strange reason, at 19 I started breaking out very often. My problem was not severe but it started to bother me. Also, I'm a guy with really sensitive skin, so shaving would really irritate my face and make my problem even worse. Everyone kept telling me that I would "grow out of it" but I was already past my teenage years and I started freaking out.

I tried every cleanser and cream I could find at my local pharmacy but nothing seemed to work. Then this past February I had my 21st birthday and I decided that I would do everyhing in my power to get rid of my acne problem. So this is what I did:

-The first thing I did was join the gym. I kept reading that stress is one of the major causes of acne. So I decided to start working out to relieve stress. I just thought that even if the acne didn't go away, at least I'll end up with a killer body. I also stopped worrying so much about my face.

-I stopped eating any foods that are generally associated with causing acne. I know dermatologists say that food has not been proved to cause acne, but I decided that there must be some truth to it. So I gave up ice cream, milk, chocolate and greasy foods (I never liked fast food anyway). And if you think about it, if you stop eating chocolate you'll also drink less milk, because that's what we generally drink when we have chocolate. And besides, all it does is make you fat and aids in tooth decay, so who needs it.

-I also started drinking excessive amounts of water. I have this 32 oz. cup and I drink from 3 to 5 of these a day (I once had 10 in a day). I drink before, during and after my workouts at the gym, and then a cup or two later in the day. Water helps hydrate your skin and helps get rid of acne. The only problem is that you'll have to go to the restroom very frequently. But that's why I drink most of it in the morning so I won't have to go during the night. And I learned to just gulp it down instead of drinking it slowly so I could drink it faster and drink more of it.

-I started sleeping on my back. I know this sounds weird but I read that even resting your chin on your hand can cause acne. And I would always sleep on my stomach, so I thought resting my face on my pillow probably had something to do with it. Especially since I only had acne on my neck and cheeks, and none what-so-ever on my forehead (I would hug the pillow so only my cheeks would lay on it). And I try to not touch my face too much. Like I said, this sounds weird, but I did not want to give acne a chance or a cause.

-Then I ordered this product called Proactiv Solution. I had seen the infomercial a couple of times while flipping the channels in the early morning hours, but had never thought about buying it. After searching through countless websites and reading from people who had used it, I decided to give it a try. I had tried everything else so I had nothing to lose. I ordered it through their web site and it arrived like 2 weeks later. I started to notice results right away. Within the first 2 to 3 weeks I had a much better complextion. And after that I started getting fewer, smaller pimples and they seemed to go away faster than before. The only thing is that I had these red marks where the acne once was. But I got rid of them gradually using this skin lightening lotion I got through the Proactiv catalog. They also have all kinds of other products that work really well to help keep your skin clear.

-I also started using a face mask every week. I know for guys it might be a little embarrasing to buy them at the supermarket or drug store, but they help to deep clean your face, reduce the size of your pores and make your overall complexion a lot better. Don't worry about what anyone says if they see that you are using all of these "girl" products. Hey, you want better skin, don't you?

So it has only been a couple of month's since my 21st birthday and I am happy to say that my face is COMPLETELY clear of acne. I had not had a pimple for weeks. I am so amazed at the difference. I used to look at people with perfect skin (I live in L.A. where everyone seems to have flawless skin) and become so angry and jealous at them. But now I am one of them and it feels SO good.

Sorry for the length of this post but I just had a lot to write about. I hope that what worked for me works for some of you guys too.

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