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Yeah, I think we are going to break the humidifier out of the closet soon, especially if we are going to use the heat!

Yasmin is a Birth Control Pill that is supposed to be good at fighting hormonal acne. it has a progestin derived from spirolnactone (sp?) which people use when their bodies produce too much testosterone - hence the hormonal acne. I am battleing against the hormonal acne another bcp (alesse 28) gave me!

I was really really paranoid about drinking on accutane, but another girl in my office was on it at the same dosage and my same size and she said that as long as you are not drinking a bottle of wiskey you are fine. I swing dance, so I'll go out and have a glass of red wine, dance for 4 hours, sweat a gallon of sweat and drink tons of water, then I will have a vodka and soda and call it a night.

I was more stressed out about the triglyscerides (sp) in my blood than the alcohol. I guess I am fine, though since my doc hasn't told me anything is wrong...

I think paranoia was my worst side effect at first, too... we'll hang in there together, let me know how it goes guys!

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