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Miracle Whip
Sep 4, 2001
hey all. thought i'd post this, its from a different site...not sure about it, whatcha think?

<<MIRACLE WHIP Exfoliating Facial, & MILK of MAGNESIA make an amazing combo for normalizing over-oily skin.
Since the last week of June, I’ve been using the best skin exfoliating/conditioning treatment I’ve ever found: MIRACLE WHIP! Yes, salad dressing. Here's what you do:

Clip back your hair, & smear a coat of Miracle Whip (regular, in the Easy Squeeze bottle is handiest) over your face & neck, & don't be afraid to go close to your eyelashes. The fumes (vinegar) may bother a little, for a few seconds, then subside. WALK AROUND for a minute right after you apply, to “walk away” from the fumes. Leave it for 10 - 20 minutes without touching, then begin a fingertip massage. The dead skin cells will roll into rubbery, little balls. After you've massaged away all the dead skin, rinse with tepid water, cleanse as usual, & apply a nice moisturizer. I use Olay Total Effects, my daughter uses Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, another friend uses Mary Kay Night Cream. It doesn’t seem to matter, we are all having superb results. Our newly revealed skin feels like a newborn baby's butt.

With regular daily usage, (I use morning & night, my daughter uses only mornings) old, dull, dead skin layers will be completely removed within weeks. This is a process, so the time differs, depending on the age & condition of skin. Improvement usually begins immediately, but the entire process can take a month or 6 weeks. My skin has done a complete 180 degree turnaround. FABULOUS! My daughter is thrilled with her skin, as well.

*Most people experience a slight “sunburn” effect sometime during the first 2 weeks of use. Don’t worry. It’s not harmful, it will pass.

*Most people also experience some dry patches during the first month of usage. Use a granular scrub to hasten exfoliation. This stage passes, too.

*Some zits, lying dormant under layers of dead skin, may surface. In our experience they will resolve on their own quickly, & disappear, leaving no scar.

*In our experience, old scars are vastly improved within a month or two.

*Overall skin texture becomes finer, smoother, firmer, tighter, & sliky-soft within a month to 6 weeks.

We have recently found that using unflavored Milk of Magnesia (MoM) under makeup keeps us matte all day. It also helps dry up any zits that surface. It felt a little chalky at first, but now, it feels lovely. Use only a thin coat over your moisturizer. Powder as usual. I don't have to powder again all day, since using MoM. If you have zits, apply MoM to them before bed, too.

I have had cystic acne 3 times, under dermatologist’s care. My daughter has had severe, cystic acne, too. She’s used 3 courses of Acutane. I used Retin A for over ten years. I've spent fortunes on facials, dermabrasion, skin peels & products from a plastic surgeon, such as Bio Medic, and more. Many helped, but none came close to achieving the amazing results of Miracle Whip Exfoliating Facial, & Milk of Magnesia. It’s the most effective regimen we’ve ever found. I hope it rejuvenates your skin, & normalizes your oil production, as it has ours. Please, share your experience with us. We care - REALLY! And share your great tips, too. We appreciate them.>>

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