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Re: Miracle Whip
Sep 4, 2001
Hi...the things you learn on this site are amazing! This Miracle Whip mask sounds like the old tried and true egg white formula! Think I might resurrect the egg mask, add a little vinegar and see what happens...without all the other oil and whatever else may be in Miracle Whip. Sounds interesting...
Re: Miracle Whip
Sep 4, 2001
This more from the site. so you guys can read up if you like. It's long!! lol

<hi janni...i'm really curious about miracle whip just sounds like extreme exfoliation in a short period of time, which is not a good idea...ahas and bhas have been said to remove too much of skin's top layer..which leads to uv sounds like this mask removes even more than that!...i saw the website that posted this mask and many of her tips can be very harmful to the skin....also, u posted the ingredients for mw, which mainly consists of soy bean oil (one of the more comedogenic oils), vingar (i think it softens skin but i don't know the long term effect), and eggs (vitamin A source that has been known to cause breakouts, there's a long post about some ppl using eggs as a 1st everyone had superb results...weeks later, everyone broke out like mad..if u search "egg mask" i'm sure you'll find it) every exfoliant, you might experience breakout at 1st and it usually goes away, but it sound like the skin sheding process that this mask induces is way too fast, especially for those w/ sensitive and thin skin...i'm happy that it has worked wonders for you...i'd be so be happy too if my skin cleared up in such an amazing way...but i'm writing this for those who might be considering this to think about whether this mask is suitable their skin type...i hope you continue to have good luck w/ this!>

<Vinegar contains acetic acid which is an alpha hydroxy acid. This is what attributes to MW's ability to remove dead skin cells. Technically MW is merely an AHA mask. By using MW you also don't know what the % acetic acid you are using on your face either, unlike with store-bought AHA products which list how much AHA is in the product (for example, Alpha Hydrox products have 10% AHA). Many AHA products are for professional use, usually anything over 10% AHA. If you do decide to use this, it is EXTREMELY important that you keep this new skin covered with sunscreen.
I also don't think I would use this mask with other acne medications just because of the possibility of over-exfoliation. With all acne meds, you go through a period of rawness and this is expected when using Tazorac also. You will be in serious pain if you over-exfoliate when using this, Retin-A or any other prescription acne product that exfoliates your skin. Your skin can only take so much and by pushing its limits you may end up doing more harm than good.>

<Hi Everyone!
I don't know what the outcome will be, but I just used the miracle whip mask...and the skin does just roll off...that's really a strange feeling...I'm just hoping my results will be as good as Janni's...I do have the sunburned looking skin already...It may be because I'm using Tazorac...I hope I don't get a bad reaction using both...anyway I'll keep everyone posted. >

<My curiousity got the best of me and I tried it last night on a small part of my if I reacted to it my skin would be hidden with my hair. Anyway, that area turned bright red and burned within 5 minutes, so I washed it off. And it felt hot for a few hours afterward.
Anyway, I do seem to be getting more sensitive......after all, Total Turnaround blew my face up as well, and that seems to be loved my many icompacters.

Oh well, we all react differently; that's just my experience. >

<It's true that you need to wear sunscreen, but that's important in any regimen.
Soybean oil contains soy which is considered very beneficial to skin. It's used in high end products such as Shiseido Day Protective Moisturizer SPF 15, ($30); Sonya Dukar Youth! Age-Defying Cream, ($95). Apple cidar vinegar is known to dissolve dead skin & kill fungus. This is a good thing! Egg yolks may irritate some people's skin, but I've had no ill effects since I started, over 2 months ago. Remember, egg yolks are basically a "womb." How dangerous can they be, if baby chicks develop there?
Anybody can be allergic to anything. I know lots of people who are allergic to Aloe Vera. My daughter, for one, breaks out from it, but Aloe Vera is fine for me.
Nothing works for everyone, but MW is the one treatment that has done what I wanted to do. It's done it faster, gentler, cheaper & better than anything I've ever tried.
I had the "sunburn" effect during the 2nd week of use, for a few days. But I always got that with the dermatologist prescriptions too. It's a common stage with any serious, ongoing exfoliating process. I don't get it anymore, at all.
My daughter uses MW only once a day, & she never did get the "sunburn." I think the "sunburn" stage is a very individual thing. I also think it's harmless. Mine was mild.
When I consider the difference between the "oily, porous, dirty, orange peel" skin I had when I started, & the fine, smooth, clean, even-textured, glowing skin I have now, I'm truly amazed at what I've accomplished with MW, in such a short time.
As far as long-term damage, well, heck, I'm 50+-yrs-old, now. I've had thick, greasy, porous, acne-scarred skin for decades. Now, I call THAT damage! If I hadn't found MW & MoM, I'd have had it till I croaked. I'm thrilled after 2 months of use with MW, & I actually think my skin is firmer & tighter, too. It's just healthier in general! But if I spot any signs of premature aging, I will certainly let you all know. I'm happy to play the guinea pig for this regimen.

I expect to reach a point where I slow usage to once a day, then maybe every other day. I can't imagine that I would ever use it less often than that, but life is long, & changes come. I will keep you posted.

I'm not here to force MW on anyone. I want only to share the experiences of my daughter, several friends & myself. We have had no lasting, ill effects from usage, and we have all seen dramatic improvements. This group includes ages from 13 to 55 years old. It includes virtually every type of skin from dry & flakey to greasy, acne-prone. I think it's a good sampling, but we would love to hear more, from new users. Please do share, if you try it. We can all compare our progress at various stages. SO FUN!>

I would be aware of the egg yolk mask though, i read it has had some bad effects on people a few weeks after doing it. this, i dont know. i'll search for more info and let you guys know.

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