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Ok, so in being an acne sufferer for many years, I have done a lot of trial and error stuff and have come to a conclusion. Dryed out skin, form harsh products, equals zits. I have found that always using a mousterizer helps with the acne ten fold. I have also found that it is extremely immportant to exfoliate. This gets rid of the dead skin which can back up into your pores and clog them. Expesially if you face is really dry and your body tells it to make more oil. Believe me, this works. Now it may not be the moracle cure, but I do believe it will lesson the acne a lot. When I was using really drying products I broke out so bad, now that I am using lotion, exfoliating, and I am also on b5, my skin hase been so great. Scars, of course, but they are fading. Anyway, this is what I recomend for acne sufferers. Just remember...dryed out skin equals more oil, which equals more zits. Hope this may help someone. Let me know if any of you agree with my theory.

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