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as for me, i like to use this board as a place where i can recieve some encouragment and to be able to vent to people that understand what those of us w/ acne go through.

as for my history, if you are interested, i have tried EVERYTHING. ok so enough of how much egg to put on your face and if microdermabrasion is worth the cash and so on,i want to vent.

i want someone to feel my pain. i want to encourage and also to shake my fist w/ my brothers and sisters who have this demon in their lives.

i will start w/ a few things that piss me off about this crap

1. i have never seen an ceo of a company w/ acne. what does that say? those w/ acne cannot climb the corporate ladder w/ as much effectiveness.

2. whoever invented white fluorescent lights did NOT have acne.

3. i would never join a public acne support group. why? because you know how depressing it would be to walk in a room with 30 people all w/ acne? we could join the circus for gravys sake. the old guy sitting on the bench in front of the meeting place would start to tally up the acne riddled people that walk by. 'thats 32 jimmy. i have never seen so many pimples in all my life'.

ok thats enough....your turn....


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