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Starting accutane
Jul 24, 2001
I'm due to start my first accutane pill tomorrow! My derm. put me on 40 mg a day. Do you guys take one pill a day? Or do you split your dosage and take them twice a day? Example: One 40mg pill, or two 20mg pills a day? My dr. has me taken my dosage all at once. I didn't know if this sounded normal or not? Or if it even mattered?? Thanks in advance!
40mg a day is not unusual at all, and it doesn't make a difference if you take two 20mg pills at different times during the day. Also, the dosage is based on your body weight - 1mg/kg I believe. Sometimes derms will start you out with a lower dosage and work you up to the target based on your body weight. So 40mg might actually be too low and may have to be increased - unless you want to take lower dosages which just prolongs the length of time you need to take it for one full course!

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