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hi all-

i have been reading this thread over the last two days instead of doing my law school homework, so if i screw up in the drafting of somebody's will or contract one day, we can blame it on NV Perricone and his dang product!

i am 23 years old and have suffered from acne since puberty. i really screwed up my face last year, which was my first year in law school due to stress, poor diet, and sleeping on my dirty pencil and hilighter hands. i am left with scars that are on my cheeks, and they are embedded in red marks. i also have the ice pick scars on my nose. i have been using the obagi system of products since the beginning of july. it has made the skin all around the scars look great, but unfortunately has left the scars and red marks there. there has been a little fading of some of the red marks though. i have a few skin cycles to go with the products. i have even bought myself a high frequency machine but i use it rarely. it helps fade the marks for a day or so, but then they reappear. i suppose it could help if i used it consistently, but who has the time? like i said, i have to study the law. i already take around 45 minutes a day just using the obagi products and face masks. plus factor in all the other beauty stuff one has to do when their face isn't looking to hot: nice nails, eyebrows, leg shavings, etc. i know you guys can understand my frustration.

i look around the classroom and all i see is rows of people with perfect skin! (you must be nodding in agreement) thankfully, i don't believe i have ever had the cystic acne that i have read some of you have experienced. but i still know the frustrations of working at my skin so hard and always having a fresh crop of zits pop up just as some start to clear, leaving their marks behind. i also get super oily, particularly (for some reason) at school. i try not to overwash, but i don't know what to do when as soon as i wash my face at the start of the day, and i turn around to put deoderant on, i turn back to the mirror, and already beads of oil are coming out of my ice pick scarred/blackheaded nose. what am i supposed to do about that?

i guess i am going to try this hp ffa product. i don't know why... i have already spent gazillions of dollars on other skin products. tina, how is it going for you on week four? i totally could identify with you last week when you were not sure if it did something or not. we spend all this money, feel the tingle of the product on our faces, and then combine it with our optimism in the hopes that it works.

i just do not know what to do. i don't think i want to break up capsules and make up concoctions. i don't want to pretend to be a pharmaceutical company. i am not sure if it would help. is that how topical products are made? i don't know about camocare either. i have read on different places on the web that the reason why alpha lipoic acid is so darn special is that it is an antioxidant that stimulates other antioxidants and makes them work continuously (such as ester c) i think the nv perricone has ester c in it. i don't know. but any of you using camocare please let me know because it is dirt cheap compared with the pricey perricone stuff.

and i would rather not buy anything from perricone if i don't have to. he comes off to me as a real entrepenuer with his frequent tv shows, and assortment of images of himself on his website.

i think i have chimed in to complain mainly. sorry about that. i think i asked a couple of questions in there though. i just mainly wanted to say that i appreciate this little network of information we have going on, so i hope that comes through.

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