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Hi justmeagain yes my vacation was good thank you. I am glad that you read the book it seemed that it was based on wrinkle cures that is why I never read it I wish that it had more info about the ala. I have emailed the drs office one time to see if I could order the high potency product from them and if there were any Drs that sold it in my state. They said that there were no doctors selling the products in my area and they said that the only way that they would sell me the high potency is if I tried the regular product for 3 months and this seemed like a waste of time and money to me that is why I had to find that high potency product. I dont know that if you saw on his site that he is going to be making T.V. apperances on PBS aug 2nd @ 8 p.m. in tampa, aug 3 @ 8 p.m. in orlando, aug 7 @ 8 p.m. in new york and aug 9 @ 8 p.m. in pittsburgh, he is also appearing on fox news live aug 24th @ 1:30 pm est, and ABC's the View on sept 10th. I am hoping that he talks about the ala and not just wrinkle treatments. Also justmeagain if you have any ?s im sure that you can e-mail his office hopefully they can answer any ??s for you. I have a second bottle of the high potency I am just waiting to find something to clear my skin before I use it I just ordered spiro and diane 35 in hopes that they will help I know that my acne is horomonal. It is all along my jawline and neck however when i was a teenager it was all over my whole face and not my neck the large majority of the scarring that I have is on my cheeks I would say that I have seen worse scarring and I really shouldnt complain but the scars were pretty bad no makeup would cover it up that is for sure and it was both sides of my face it pretty much covered the entire cheekbone area it definatly looked worse in sunlight and floresent lighting. It certainly wasnt minor scarring that is for sure I was once at my gyno trying to get bcp and she said "looks like you have been hit with acne pretty hard you have awful scars" gee thanks alot like I dont already know that. This is for steven2984 and all others interested I went to a plastic surgeon she said that with my severe scarring it would take 2 treatments of the whole face @ $2500 a peice. I then went to anohter ps who said that microdermabraision would work wonders and I would be scar free. She said that I would need 9 treatments 1-2 weeks apart it was $1000 which wasnt nearly as bad as $5000 so I prepaid and was very excited since the Dr gave me such high hopes she also gave me peels 3 times before the microderm they were intense peels im talking i couldnt move my face and I could hardly open my mouth because my skin was so tight it turned dark brown and peeled off in like huge layers I can tell you it took off alot of skin it was like peeling off a mask. Well after the $1000 and 12 weeks very little imoprovement in scarring then 6 months later I started using mederma that didnt work, after that I used nutmeg and honey mask for aboth 5 months that did nothing then 6 months after that I found the ala it has worked better by far for my scarring than anything else did and it very well might not work for everyone I might actually be lucky for once but hopefully it will work for others as well if not better than it did for me. I will try and find some of the sites that I read a few months ago @ work today and will try and post when I get home if anyone else has any ?s. Justmeagain there have been very few posts im sure that alot of people are sick of trying things for scarring and think that laser treatment is the only option I used to but hopefully others will try this and have good results and post them and more people will try this less harsh approach and less expensive also. Tina081168 the topical ala I bought online and the ala that I took in pill form was a pill ive never seen capsules and I think that you can get them about everywhere that sells supplements.

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