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blondiebiker - I value your comments, but has your degree helped to CURE your acne? I am not a salesman, or anything of the sort(I am insulted that you would think that btw), but I do make recommendations to products that work. I am a 17 year old guy who was fed up with living an unhealthy lifestyle. I decided to make a change for the better. Concerning your statement:

"yes the body does have many micro-organisms living on it, in it etc. But you know what WE need some of these lil guys to help our bodies function properly."

Maybe you could fill me in on where I talked about killing the micro-organisms that the human body needs, because I definitely must have missed that. By definition, a parasite is an organism that feeds off its host and aids in no way to the survival of that host. Look it up. Don't question my judgement if it has cured my acne. I have tried everything under the sun except for accutane (god forbid I ever would take that) until I found what worked for me. Judge my knowledge upon results, not a piece of paper that I am too young to acquire.

AngelaMDarling - You want to know of simple steps to becoming healthier. If you are perfectly healthy, it is impossible to get acne. For you, I recommend a good EFA supplement (The Total EFA by Health From the Sun (liquid)). If you're going to supplement with anything, this is what you want to go with. 2 tablespoons a day might keep the acne at bay! Also, try and get a good run in at least 5 times a week, it helps clean the lymph nodes. Make sure you're staying away from poisons like processed white sugar, hydrogenated fat (or any fat that is rancid for that matter), and god forbid Nutrisweet or any artificial sweetener. While you may think I take 50 different vitamins a day and it costs a lot, it really doesn't, and I pay for it all myself. Oh, and if you're taking pantothenic acid, which is helpful, note that it won't be effective at all if you're liver isn't in good shape, since the liver processes it into what you need...

Jersey Girl - Some foods that supply zinc are: red meat, oysters, and grains. The best source of zinc is meat. However, it is simply impossible these days to get enough zinc from your daily diet. And I hope you're not a vegetarian who doesn't take a zinc supp... You gotta supplement if you're a vegetarian.

Bacne - I believe you missed my entire point, but that's quite alright. There's no such thing as "excess testosterone" unless your taking steroids. And receptors on the skin and the scalp are what cause dht to wreak havoc. If you take zinc at an early age, it could prevent this. Higer testosterone does NOT mean you will have more DHT... unless it is synthetic. Got it? Also, you may think the best way to go is to buy a zinc supplement, magnesium supplement, and b-6 supplement at the same time, because it is more cost effective, and you're right. However, it simply does not create a potent effect unless you take it as ZMA. They are not almost identical, not even close... but nice try. Btw, if you're a bodybuilder, what are your stats? Because you talk a big game, but can you back it up?
Cotton Candy - It really seems like you care about your health, which is fabulous to hear. Don't let it control your life, however.

Your diet sounds pretty good. The only thing I would worry about is soy. There's a little something from Leo Kiesen after I give you my opinion.

You don't want to lose too much weight. Eat more oatmeal if you want, you can eat all the oatmeal you want... it won't wreak havoc on your face.

I'm assuming that monodox is an anti-biotic, but I really do not know. Anti-biotics, while in the short term will drastically help your acne, do worse things in the longrun. If you want to gain wait, you gotta eat... no way around it... just eat the right things. If you don't like eating red meat, try chicken or fish. Fish are really great sources of EFA and protein.

It sounds like you're making a good effort by supplementing with borage and flax, but you definitely want to throw evening primose in for hormonal balance. Now about the soy. I drank soymilk for probably a year before I realized that it was completely cutting off my aborbtion of zinc, and probably throwing off my hormonal levels, since I had acne. But because so many people said it was "good for me", I believed them... here's what Leo Kiesen has to say.

"Isolated soy protein (soy protein isolate) is poison…

Textured vegetable protein is poison…

Soymilk is largely indigestible…

Fractionated soy products like tofu carry with them inherit problems…

High anti-nutrient content in soy improperly prepared leads to chronic mineral and amino acid deficiencies…

And the high phyto-estrogen content in the new form of genetically modified soybeans will upset hormonal balance leading to early puberty in girls, and a host of diseases related to high estrogens later on in life…

Yet if soybeans are grown and prepared right they can be a bio-available source of nutrition.

Want to know why…read on…

Soy for thousands of years was an important source of nutrition for Asian cultures. But it took those cultures many years to figure out how to prepare soy so it could be bio-available. The problems arrived when we started consuming it in excess improperly prepared, denature it with high temperatures and pressures, fractionate it to make bean curds, and God forbid, genetically modify it so it would be more bug resistant and yield more per acre.

Soybeans contain many of the same anti-nutrients and enzyme inhibitors that grains have. Soy is both high in phytic acid and in inhibitors that block the action of trypsin (and important enzyme for life) as well as other enzymes. These inhibitors are tightly folded proteins that retain their configuration even when cooked for very long periods. When ingested they produce gastric distress and reduced protein digestion and chronic amino acid deficiencies due to the enzyme inhibitor.

The Chinese knew this, and it was not until they discovered fermentation processes that they ever ingested the bean.

You see soybeans must be prepared in a specific way to neutralize these anti-nutrients…namely soybeans must be sprouted, or slow fermented as in the case of miso, shoyu, tempeh, and natto.

The sprouting and slow fermentation processes destroy the anti-nutrients and break down the soy proteins into bio-available forms. Any soy product less then this has the anti-nutrients left intact.

Soy normally has plant phyto-estrogens. These mimic the action of the hormone estrogen in your systems. They body can make adjustments for these phyto-estrogens by lowering estrogens, but in excess these phyto-estrogens will throw hormones out of balance. Well, genetically modified soy has many more times the phyto-estrogens as non-GMO soy only compounding the problem. Do not ingest genetically modified soy products of any kind.

Isolated soy protein and textured vegetable protein are poisons due to their highly processed nature. To produce soy protein isolate the soybeans are first ground and then solvents are added to extract the natural oils in the bean. The bean mixture now free of any fatty acids is then mixed with sugars and an alkaline solution to remove any fiber. Then it is precipitated and separated using an acid wash. This acid wash is generally done in huge aluminum tanks. The acid leaches aluminum into the soy. In fact soy protein isolates have as much as 100 times the aluminum content as the beans they were derived from. Finally what's left is neutralized in an alkaline solution and spray dried at high temperatures to produce high protein powder.

The result is a powder that is so denatured it becomes a poison. Yet most the anti-nutrients naturally in soy not prepared properly still remain. Your body cannot utilize isolated soy protein in any form; it simply has to get it out of your system as quickly as it can.

Textured vegetable protein is only isolated soy protein that has been extruded at high temperatures and pressures. Just as poisonous if not more so then soy protein isolate.

Read the labels…do not ingest anything with soy protein isolate or textured vegetable protein in it. They're putting it in everything now, especially so-called "heath" foods. And mothers I beg you…do not give your babies soy formulas or soymilk…please don't do it, just trust me on this one.

Soymilk is largely unusable by your body and comes along with it both anti-nutrients and toxins left behind from the manufacturing process. Consider the process involved in making soymilk. In order to remove some anti-nutrients in soy, the beans are first soaked in an alkaline solution. This mixture is then heated between 240-250 degrees Fahrenheit (115-120 C) in pressure cookers at high pressure. This temperature and pressure denatures the protein in the soy to the point that it becomes very difficult for your body to digest. The alkaline solution the beans are soaked in leaves behind a carcinogen called lysinealine. Not only that, the anti-nutrient phytic acid that are normally destroyed by sprouting or fermenting remains. This acid binds to minerals and will cause chronic mineral deficiencies if consumed regularly. Use rice milk or milk derived from nuts like almonds instead.

Fractionated soy products like tofu still have the anti-nutrients and enzyme inhibitors largely intake. The process of making these foods does lower some of the enzyme inhibitors, but many remain. The phytic acid remains intake.

The tragedy is soy products are now being heavily promoted as "healthy" alternatives the FDA. I tell you from sad experience I was duped by those promotions as well. It was not until I started doing regular live blood cell analysis on myself that I noticed the connection and researched it further. The current crop of soy products is not a healthy alternative…in fact they are a poison.

Anything the FDA recommends I ask you to research and question…be highly suspicious of it. Usually a lot of money and big business are behind that recommendation…not so much the concern for your health.

The only soy products I suggest you ingest are sprouted beans and fermented soy products such as miso, shoyu, tempeh, and natto, all of which should be made from organic, non-genetically modified soybeans (non-GMO). Tofu should not be used as meat substitute…it should only be ingested in small quantities as a condiment just as most Asian cultures do."
Here is my cure for acne and its free! Follow my advice for a few months and your acne will be improved! Acne is mostly hormone related. Do not eat things that mess too heavily with your hormones. Eliminate all soy/herbal/phytoestrogen products and foods from your diet. They cause your hormones to be imbalanced and not only that you can get serious health problems from them especialy women!! Eat less starchy carbohydrates. For instance, try to stop eating bread, grains, cerials, sugary food ect. They mess with your hormones too and only turn into sugar in the body! Instead eat plenty of vegetables. They will add the fiber and the necesary carbs to your diet without needing the starchy carbs like breads and grains. Eat one to two fruits each day but not too much or you will be eating a lot of sugar which messes with hormones. Eat oily fish like salmon at least twice a week. The omega 3 is very good for your heart and your skin. Make sure you get enough protein daily. Exersize regularly, it balances hormones. Also start a regular weight lifting routein. If you exersize you must weight lift because exersize is very good for your heart but it causes muscle loss. Your exersize and weight lifting routine does not have to be heavy duty either. Just 20 minutes or so every other day with light weights and exersize. That is my cure and you don't need to pay for it! Try it for a few months! It really works not only for your skin but you will feel better all over.

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