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Concerning zinc......

I think that zinc is best absorbed WITHOUT food in most cases... a half-an-hour before bedtime is a great time to take it.

As far as zinc and its absorbtion...

Iron decreases its absorbtion. That's a scientific fact.
Calcium COMPLETELY decreases its absorbtion. That's also a scientific fact, and if anyone wants to argue about that to me, be my guest. There is what I believe somewhat of a stupid trend going on in the supplement industry. Most zinc supplements actually CONTAIN some form of calcium in them... check your zinc supplement. 9 times out of 10 the word "calcium" will appear in the ingredient list.

As far as zinc supplements, I would actually recommend to you a ZMA supplement. ZMA stands for Zinc Monomethione Aspartame, and it is a bodybuilding supplement believe it or not. It contains Zinc Monomethione (OptiZinc), Magnesium, and B6 in a potent combination that will drastically reaise your testosterone by 30%. Now some of you might be saying "Isn't testosterone bad? Won't that cause acne?" No! Not true! Testosterone is actually a great hormone. Did you ever see a pimple on Arnold Schwarzenegger? I don't think so (even though he DID in fact take steriods, but let's not get into that). The only reason that steriods will give you those kind of side effects is because they are synthetic and disrupt your natural hormones. You see, your body will actually shut off its testosterone because it is constantly receiving the hormone from another source. This leads to bad bad stuff. The bad hormone is actually DHT, which is responsible for acne as well as hairloss. Zinc will help to correct this, and believe it or not, nutritionalists recommend zinc as a preventative measure against hairloss. You should take zinc internally (ZMA) and externally (Head and Shoulders) for the best results.

Anyway, to make matters short, ZMA is an awesome supplement, not only for bodybuilding, but for everything! A lot of people forget that Magnesium is crucial to hormonal balance... I would recommend Higher Power Nutrition's ZMA Night Time Formula. It makes you sleep like a baby... it's great, and trust me, it will help with your acne. It's the best zinc supplement out there. Some of you may JUST have acne because you're deficinent in zinc. If that is the case, then this could very well be your cure. Just make sure you haven't eaten anything with iron or calcium 2 hours prior to taking it. You shouldn't be eating 3 hours before bedtime anyway, as this is hard on the liver, and liver health is so important for healthy skin!

Concerning the liver purge...

Make sure you kill parasites first before you do this. You might become quite sick. I made the mistake of not doing this. I was very sorry I made this decision when I was throwing up numerous times. You'll still get stones out, but it won't be as effective.


You could be taking your supps perfectly and be doing everything else right, but if you haven't killed parasites, you're putting a lot of that expensive supplementation to waste. Once a nutritionalist said "Who are you feeding, you or your parasites?" This has truth to this. Now obviously, let's not go to drastic measures and say "Chris, you're wrong... if parasites were stealing all of my food, I would be dead!" You're right, parasites don't steal all your food, but they can cause pretty bad health problems. As a simple test, do you have dandruff at all? Or have you ever had athlete's foot? How about warts? Does your scalp itch? It could very well be due to parasites. I highly recommend ridding yourselves of these little critters through the use of an electronic unit as well as the herbal stuff. The great thing about the electronic unit is once you buy it, you can keep zapping and zapping free of charge, killing every parasite in your body except those in your colon. You will need the herbs for that.

Concerning the multi-vitamins...

The best "multi-vitamin" you can get is a mixture of bee pollen and royal jelly. These supply EVERYthing you could possible want. Most multi-vitamins out there are crap. For instance, what good is having zinc in a multi-vitamin if iron is in it too? Iron will prevent the zinc from being absorbed.

Also, you might be wondering when to take supplements. One would think that the best way to take them is right after a meal. Wrong. 5 minutes prior to a meal is ideal for absorbtion. Trust me. And take your Vitamin E and A when your eating meals with fat, since they are fat-soluble.

Many of you may still be searching for the acne cure. It's a long journey, but with diligence you'll get there. Suprisingly, you really don't have to spend too much money if you play your cards right. And you don't have to be perfect, either. My diet isn't perfect... nobody's is, but I sure don't get acne anymore, and this is quite a feat for a 17 year old guy in the middle of puberty. Not only will your acne improve, but every aspect of your health will as well. You will sleep better, you will be more musclar and defined (I know I am), your eyes will become more cystal clear, your vision may improve, you will NEVER become sick, because at this point your body's immune system is incredibly strong, and you'll be happier... not only because you look better but because you feel great too!

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