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Re: Experiment
Aug 28, 2001
Hi Rachel,
___The BHT has a tendency to lower blood pressure by dilating the smaller arteries, including in the brain. This should end in about two weeks, however, just continue on 250mg for another week. You may be one of the lucky ones that respond easily, but like with any drug, you will develop some tolerance and will eventually need to raise to 500mg/day.
___Sebum is really an amber color clear oil that would normally clear thru even a tortured duct. It's the remnants of white blood cells called macrophages that are referred to as "big eaters". These cells are able to move through tissues (intracellularly) in their quest to destroy bacterium or other toxic agents. Unfortunately, when they ingest oxidized and peroxidized lipids, such as triglycerides, cholesterol epoxides, lipoproteins, etc., they become aberrant and become adhesive to each other, and to adjacent cells... they are no longer mobile nor functional. In the SMC layer of arteries, they form atherolytic tumors that eventually break into the inside of the arteries, through the endothelium, and create reaction sites. This is atherogenesis. I believe the same is true in the skin wherein they form the cysts deep below. The body tries to eliminate some of these white cells through the sebaceous glands, causing white comedones. The black surfaces of the comedones are pigmented by dead blood cells, also killed by oxidized blood lipids, and bacterium feeding on the residue. If the bacterium attacks the linings holding the comedones, you get the common surface zit that has a small pointed crown. The thick sebum can be gotten rid of by removing the dead surface layer of the skin to allow its passage....the cysts cannot. I believe that cystic acne is the result of highly oxidizeable blood lipids in the arteries of the skin. BHT stops this oxidation cold. It has an effectiveness against atherogenesis of about 85% in lab tests. This is the stuff that saved my wife's life. Within three months of having a triple bypass, one bypass was occluded and she had another heart attack. She was given three months to live.....a year and a half ago. Her blood pressure is now 104/62 down from 168/110. Her PC doctors (3 in all) and 5 cardiovascular surgeons and cardiologists are astounded at her progress. They call her the miracle girl, and we work together quite closely..They cannot prescribe BHT because of the F.D.A., but they tell me to keep on doing what I'm doing. The similarities between the tumors in the ateries, and cysts in the skin are profound...
that's why the experiment. Her heart was so badly damaged, that it was only 47% efficient a year ago. Next month we'll check the efficiency again...I know it's better; a year ago she was in a wheelchair, now we do shopping and all normal things.
___This is why I say, get your blood lipids checked at a young age. The damage progresses slowly, and it is in the later years when it becomes critical.
___The guggle is ok to take with BHT. It is much milder than BHT, but it works in the same way,,,it prevents lipid oxidation.
___Diet definitely affects cystic acne. Large doses of Vitamin B5 increase the force of the intestinal muscles in peristalsis. It literally forces the food through the intestine about 5 times as fast as normal
causing a decreased pickup of lipids. The same effect can be done cheaper and easier by mixing a tablespoon ful of metamucil and of kaopectate in a glass of water and taking that. The same problem happens in that you lose pickup of essential fatty acids and lipid soluble vitamins. Take these in the morning, and the mix at night. Large amounts of B5 can irritate the skin and the very small arteries. At times, it has been found to cause angiogenesis, or hypervascularization. If this happens, the red blotches don't go away so easily; sometimes not at all. When this happens from genetics, it's called rosacea.
I haven't run into anyone getting these small bumps. I'm going to need a better description. It may be from the sudden stop of Guggle as well. I do hope you're not the .03% or so that show allergic reaction... If so, there's another chem that can do the same job.... I have to go now, May God bless and heal you by his touch, then we can forget all this,

PS: I forgot to mention, BHT does not reduce the oil in your clarifies it so it can pass thru the ducts. If your oils are picking up again, and the pores are blocked, you may well develop bumps and blackheads. This is where you need to use a good cleanser...Head and shoulders worked for me. Once the sebum is clear, don't try to shut it off. It's there for a reason, and that's not to make pimples. It protects the skin and keeps it soft and wrinkle free. People with oily skin don't show their age.

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