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Oops, one other thing, if you dont want to use the rosehip oil in the morning, say before going out or to work, as it is not very appealing to have an oily face, the naturopath said that she basically used it every evening before bed and she still saw good results with using it once a day.

I guess twice would be the preferred option,but you can still get results once a day as it may be more practical in the long run. What do you all think? I am going to try and keep it up and be regular with it. I only use it in the evening when I get home from work.

The unfortunate thing about acne pitting for me is that makeup wont cover that kind of scarring, oh for the days when I only had red blotches to worry about! Now I hardly ever wear makeup as the scars are still noticeable and I dont think it looks any better with makeup, just a bit of a mess with make up on top of it.

Well good luck with whatever you decide to do, but dont expect overnight results. it works slowly but surely, well a matter of months.

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