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a consultant at an aromatherapy shop actually did approach me once(when i had comparatively much deeper scars pre-laser and tca peels). she suggested that i go for the facials at her store. she mentioned how she had far worse scars than mine but her aunt kept massaging these oils on her face and the scars went away in about a year. at that time i thought it was just sales talk. anyway, she was about 40 years old so the scars could have settled down by then and then you guys start talking about this massage technique again. 1 year seems a hell of a LONG time!!! but it;s worth trying since it costs almost nothing compared to lasers, peels and such...
yeah, i'd definitely be getting rosehip oil and pray it doesn't cause me any breakouts.

my dermatologist had already scheduled a series of microdermabrasion treatments for me. so could i confirm with those who have had microderm treatments out there whether the results aren;t actually permanent??? i don't want to waste all that money for nothing. a better alternative then could be the nlite laser. how come my dermatologist hasn;t mentioned it to me yet?
and are results from the nlite laser immediate? the b4 and after pictures i saw on the net were after 6 months or so. that's a LONG time. but it still sounds so much better than microdermabrasion. it sounds pretty uneffective right now. all this new technology excites me.;P

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