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I am so sorry for taking so long to reply to everyone who wants to know how Acnease, and Diane 35 work. I've been waiting to see if my skin clearing was only temporary, or a halleucination (sp?)from all the pills I was taking to clear my skin. (ha ha) Anyway, I am just finishing my 2nd month of Acnease, and have just started my 2nd month of Diane 35. My skin is 95% clear!! I do get a pimple or two here and there, pimple I repeat, if you search through my previous 100 and so odd posts I suffer from a very bad case of cystic acne, mostly cheek, jaw and chin area. I've tried every acne product under the sun, except Accutane, and finally narrowed it down to my acne being hormonal, since I am 24 years old and shouldn't still be battling this horrible ordeal! I've tried b5, didn't do anything for me but send me to the vitamin store every week, and Proactiv, stopped working for me after about a year, but must admit I started it back up a few months ago, and I think it is working well with helping to clear up the rest of the acne on my face. As I feel my face now I have only one pimple on my forehead but I had been walking all day yesterday in the heat with a ball cap on sweating quite a bit. Now you probably want to know which product is working for me, since I've been using both in conjunction with each other, I honestly saw an improvement in my skin (with the Acnease) before I started the Diane 35,but I think after a month with the Diane 35 and the Acnease, my face was unbelievably clear!! Now as I post this, I am knocking on wood,and keeping my fingers crossed that this is what will ultimately work for my skin, not just a teaser. It seems every time I post, it seems to backfire and my skin breaks out all over again, so please keep your fingers crossed for me too, Thanks!! I hope this works for all you acne sufferers out there, I really believe it will work for people with hormonal acne like mine, if I left any info out please post, and I will reply right away, Good luck!!

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