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Hi Minim, I will definately be taking Diane 35 long term if the results keep benefiting me, as with birth control pills in the past I used to have a problem forgetting to take them, but as with this one, I look as it now as a bcp and acne medication, so in other words I look forward to taking the pill, lol. As a cleanser for my face I am using Proactiv, although I really didn't see much effectiveness with Proactiv before I started using Acnease and Diane 35, but I feel like it is clearing my pimples vs. before where I had huge cystic type acne all over my face that no topical treatment was ever going to cure. And as far as vitamins go I'm not to consistent on them, I'll go a month and take them everyday, and then the next month barely take any at all, which I know I should but it's hard when you're concentrating on finding some oral treatment to clear your acne. I'd love to know how Diane 35 works for you, I'm sure if you're acne is hormonal it will definately work, I wish you luck as well, please keep me posted on your results, and I'll do the same!!

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