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Hi there,
Yep, you've spread an infection by rupturing the cyst. Wipe the area off with alcohol. Take a piece of adhesive tape, or the end flap of a band-aid, and cut it large enough to cover the cyst. Let it stay on all night and as long as you can. When you take it off, the area will be light colored, kind of washed out. Then place your fingers about 3/8-inch apart and gather up a considerable amount of skin so that you can be under the cyst. Roll your fingers to apply a squeeze starting from under the cyst until it erupts at the surface. If it doesn't erupt with lite pressure, put the tape back on for a day. The adhesive contains an anti-fungal antiseptic called Zinc propionate that helps quell the inflammation. If you use the tape like this when the cyst first starts to form, it may just go away due to the antiseptic. I used to do this on the so-called hyperpigmentation spots and they would fade a lot faster. It's not pigmentaion,,,it's iron from the blood that has been trapped between the cells during an infection. Pigmentation comes from melonin in the skin, a process that's not related to infection nor irritation. When kept moist with the tape, or with vaseline, it'll dissipate faster. This is the best you can do. God bless,,,Oldguy

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