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well, i started getting acne when i was around 13 and started using retin-a when i was 16. i used retin-a .1% for about 8 yrs. or so which kept the acne on my face in check. i would classify the acne on my face as moderate to severe. very rarely do i get cysts on my face. but i've always gotten cysts on my back and my neck. pretty bad ones and my back is pretty much wrecked cause i used to pick all the time. i have gotten cysts in weird places too. right now i have one on my lower back right above my butt and one on the side of my thigh that's been there for almost a month. i'm pretty sure that this weird hair thing started when puberty started. i have this weird patch on the right side of my lower back(right behind my love handle). just recently i've noticed 2 weird patches on the sides of my middle back area. plus i've got some weird hair going on on my upper cheeks now. anyway, i experimented with lesser strengths of retin-a and micro and my face has gotten pretty ridiculous. i seem to be more oily than ever before and my pores have gotten huge and i've noticed blackheads that i never really had a problem with before, even though i'm back on the high strength retin-a. i'm seeing a new derm in 2 weeks who's supposedly pretty good. i have many questions to ask. oh yeah, i tried b-5 but quit because of some serious forehead acne that i'd never experienced before. the weirdest thing is that everything went to crap when the weather got warmer. this is was going on for me about a month ago when things were going sort of ok: weather got warmer, started a healthy diet, started exercising every day, drank tons of water, started taking b-5, tried retin-a micro to lessen irritaion. result: face went to total crap, noticed weird hair on face, pores opened up. i, uh, well, hmmm. i just want to be normal.

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