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Hi everyone,

I am very please to find such good information board about acne. I had acne since i was 12 but by the time it was not a big problem . After i was graduated from the university it went really bad. I used roaccutane last year for 5 months, it worked well at that time. I am now 25 and my acne is back on the road again. I don't think i can start on a new roaccutane treatment.But now i started on glycolic acid peeling. i first used %10 for one week at home, continuing with %40 treatment.Now it is my second week my dermatologist applied %70 glycolic.My skin doesn't peel of even there is no redness. I do not know if it's too early to see the changes
Can you help?
when did you have your 70% peel? not everyone sees peeling, but, with a 70%, you should. how far apart are you spacing treatments? i got the impression it was only a week between your 40% and 70% peel. how many more do you have planned?
Hello Ryan,

Thank you for responding to my question. On monday i had %70 peel. And you are right there was only one week between %40 and %70 peels. It only stayed on my face for 5 minutes. I am thinking of having the peels every week. Is it too much?
The 70% glycolic peel was left on for five minutes? That is a long time. My dermatologist does himself and has been for a while and still is only up to four minutes. I had one and it was left on for like two minutes. I peeled for half a week. I would definately say a week is not enough time between them. I would give yourself at least four weeks. Just my opinion.
a week in between peels definitely isn't enough time. even for something like a 30% peel. five minutes also sounds a bit too long to be leaving a 70% peel on. 3 minutes is a better idea. where did you have these peels done, a dermatologist's office or something?

you'll want to give peels about two weeks before you have anther one. with 60% peel, you'll want to wait 2-3 weeks, and with 70% peels 3-4 weeks is best. how much are you paying for these peels, by the way?
I have the peels done in a a dermatologist's office, where a dermatologist does the peeling. (who had my friend's birth mark on her face dissapear) I got my third one yesterday and it was 70% for 3 minutes. And today it is starting to peel on my whole face. I don't know if its time for peeling?
Every peel cost about 50$ (it may be cheap for you, but it is very expensive for Turkey) (From this you can conclude that i am living in Turkey)

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