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(warning--this is a long a$$ post)

wow. first i just wanna say (from reading your last post) that i really empathize with what you're going through. even though i'm a lady-- your skin problems sound very similar to my own.

i fully understand when the goal is to just look normal. mild acne is annoying but it really doesn't affect my life. severe, disfiguring and painful cysts--now that's a dreadful disease that slows me way down.

about your experience with B5. did you slowly ramp up the dosage? how long were you taking the B5 --and what was your dosage?

the whitehead flare-ups might have passed after a few weeks. it's definitely worth investigating. b5 does help--

i don't know if there's an online naturopath...but there must be someone out there who can give you advice on B5. there was a thread on B5 and moderator 3 posted an excerpt of an article written by a pharmacist discussing his experience with B5. at the end of the article was the pharmacist's e-mail address. (which could be long outdated) he did mention he was willing to answer questions. it will take a little time--but do a search of this site on B5.

also--look into saw palmetto to help with the excess androgen issue.

you mentioned that you're exercising--please stay with it--not just because of acne--but because it will make you stronger and help with depression.

i loathe to sound like a broken record, but i'm going to recommend yoga again. i'll give you a specific reason: there's quite a bit of twisting and stretching in the practice which help rid of toxins. and getting rid of toxins helps the immune system. i don't care what anyone says-- i promise you-- there is a direct link between our immune system and the condition of our skin.

with that said-- please know that all this takes time. it's been two 1/2 months since the worst cystic break-out of my life. i was covered in giant inflamed cysts--face and body. my immune system was so deteriorated-- i've had to be disciplined in my effort to repair that damage. in addition to the vitamins and supplements i began taking to help me with this ACNE: the B's, zinc, copper, a, i'm also taking a supplement to help retore my immune health. (Super Lysine Plus--has vit c, lysine, echinacea, goldenseal root, and garlic)

--and be careful of over irritating your skin. i've scaled down on cleansers and topicals.

what i use now.
to cleanse face and body: head and shoulders
(i wash with one of those big fluffy mesh exfoliating thingies)
then to face only: neutrogena healthy skin lotion for delicate skin (has alpha hydroxy acid in it)

purpose bar to cleanse face (and body-- i usually take two showers a day)
i use neutragena on the spot acne treatment--2.5% benzoyl peroxide.

--i use retin-a only a few nights a week now.
using rh oil--limited to a few red marks.

will be using home glycolic peels within the next few weeks.

sorry this was so long. hope i was at least an itty bit helpful.


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