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Re: Acne Pits
Dec 30, 2000
i know what you mean about the light. that kind of light will show any irregularity on your face, while others seem to make those irregularities blend in sometimes to the point where they aren't noticeable. it's like you don't think it's that bad until you actually see yourself under that kind of light.

what kind of scarring do you have? it's not like little is it? or is it kind of just discolored unevenness? that'll probably fade in time. you can get creams and such for it. right now, i'm taking a prescription cream called glyquin. it's $65, but worth it. it lightens the skin, which cause more even skin tone, and it also will help a bit with the scars as it has a mild concentration of glycolic acid in it.

you also may want to try just a little bit of makeup if you. even a little bit would help. i know it sucks being a guy and all, but people really can't tell. you should into seeing a plastic surgeon, too. i know that ain't easy for guys either, but you'd be surprised how many actually go in. especially for the problem you have. they could do some microdermabrasion on your face, too. that'd help. you should look into these things more on the internet. you won't find a better resource.
Re: Acne Pits
Dec 31, 2000
i don't think you want laser either. not full-face at least. you get some spots treated, maybe. that should be all right.

there are different types of chemical peels. basically, one type offers superficial peeling, which doesn't do a whole lot. the other offers moderate to deeper peeling, while the last offers the deepest treatment. you want neither the first nor last. a series of more concentrated applications of the mildest kind might work a little, but what you want is the moderate to deeper one i was talking about.

it's called tca. they have different varieties, and a new type they recently came out with produces the same results as older varieties of tca, but it's not as harmful to the skin or risky. it's called tca accupeel. it's the best type of tca peel you can get. it's about $500 for the full-face, and usually one treatment will do the trick.

but like i said, microdermabrasion might work on your skin, especially to even it out and help to fade the scars. but you want to make sure you get it done with a machine that go relatively deep as far as microdermabrasion goes as some machines are only designed for superficial peeling and won't really do any good. the new nlite laser might work as well. you might want to look more into the both of those seeing as how you have darker skin and whatnot, though the accupeel has been indicated for use on darker skins with minimal risk. still something you might wanna think about though.

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