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Dear Other Healthboard posters,

I am currently fifteen years of age and have an acne problem along my face where it meets my neck. I have had this problem for maybe over two years now. Nobody really says anything about it except my mom. I have tryed several ways to get rid of my acne problem, but it never seems to disappear. Please allow me to go into further detail.

As I mentioned above, it's not all over my face. Only on a certain region on the southern area of my face(both sides). It really doesn't expand anywhere else, but it just looks very unpleasant.

My mom has been nothing but supportive. She has tryed many things, EXCEPT prescription drugs. Everything she has suggested, I have tryed/done until she came up with something new. My first acne treatment was a fash wash from Clean&Clear. It started to clear up after about a week, but only got worse after that. Then I received a tube of facial masque that promised to reduce acne. No results. Then a product was purchased from Nutragena(sp?) that was to be applied daily and left on the skin all day. It was just a clear lotion, nothing that made my face stand out. After seeing no results with that, Vitamin E Tea Tree Oil was purchased from the Body Shop. After using it for 2 months now, it is not working.

My mom has told me several times it is my diet. I use to be a heavy soda drinker. She told me to stop, and after about 5 or more months with no soda, my acne hadn't gone away. Then she said it was dairy. I stopped eating dairy, and still no results. I am back to drinking soda, and milk, but the acne is still the same. No better, no worse.

She then told me I need to excersise more to clear out my pores. I didn't understand what the hell she was talking about because at the time I was running 4 miles everyday and doing several amounts of push-ups when I got up in the morning, and went to sleep.

Anyway, so I won't be boring you people anymore, i'm going to sum this up. My acne hasn't cleared up, and I don't know what i'm doing wrong. I have read that masturbation is a cause. I don't masturbate daily. Somtimes twice a day, somtimes twice a month. I have stopped masturbating for three to four months with no results. Please tell me what the hell to do. Give me the name of a good medication. My mom has been real sweet in trying to help me, but i'm going to explode. I'm tired of not having a clear face. My doctor prescribed two medications that he promised would get rid of it, but my mom refused to get them because they have steroids in them.

PLEASE tell me what the hell to do, prescription or NOT. Thank you for reading this.


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