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Thanks for the reply. I am sick and tired of these cysts. I am 22 and my acne has only gotten worse. I get so sick of hearing people say "Accutane is awful and you will loose your hair, vision etc.., try the natural route." Like I want to take Accutane? Hell no!!!! I am scared to death of this pill and now I feel that I may HAVE to take it because it is my last resort. A lot of people that I talk to are telling me that it is poison for your body. But give me a break, I am 22 and it has only gotten worse, I have tried the natural route, and it did ok, and then I broke out bad in cysts again. I am so glad though that there are people like you that can relate! I know what you mean about the cysts, I totally would not mind having "normal" little acne. The people that have that do not realize how lucky they have it! I dont ever mind when I have a few little pimples, it's just those quarter sized cysts.
How many cysts on average did you get before the Accutane? --And how old are you?
Relating to your question, I took Accutane for only one day and it dried out my skin and brought some stuff to the surface. I dont care what anyone says, if I continue to take it I will "spot" treat the big cysts. I hate those things, I am not puttting the stuff all over my face, just the cyst, which I dont think will matter, because if you cysts are anything like mine, they take forever to go away.
Do you like Accutane so far? Any bad side-effects?

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