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It looks like me and you are on the same level. Good to see you wrote back. I'm 24 right now and have been suffering from cystic acne since 20. The last 4 years acne has taken over my life. I recieve cysts only on my forehead. I have never had one anywhere else. My temples and forehead are scarred pretty bad from prior cysts. Over the years I have used topicals like retin-a micro mainly for scars rather than cysts. Then what happens?? I break out with cysts again. It's a visious cycle. So now I have decided to take care of the acne once and for all. Let me remind you as well, I don't have any pimples or zits...just cysts. Can you believe that? At least GOD spared me that. After years putting up with different derms, I decided to go on accutane. No derm ever wants to put me on accutane. They always say "take this pill (usually an antibiotic) and put this on your face every night. NONE of the topicals I've used: erythro, bp, retin-a micro, do squat for cysts. The orals are just temporary. I did some research on accutane, and it works great if you have cystic acne. It's actually only prescribed to cure cystic acne rather that mild to moderate acne. In that case, I have a cure. So far I have been experiencing a cystic breakout (2 the same place), dry lips, itchy skin, back ache, and problems sleeping. As far as the skin is oilier than ever. I think its all the toxins pushing out of my skin or it's my body adjusting to it. I'm using no moisturizer and I have tried to spot treat the cysts and all it did was irritate it and make it more inflammed. So I wouldn't advise you to spot treat, especially with antibiotics. As far as the side effects go...there's a lot more out there that people suffer thru. I weigh 140lbs but only on 20mg. I will be on 20 for 2 months and then 40 (20 twice a day) for the next 2 months. As far as scarring, I heard that accutane will help since it peels off your skin thru cell turnover. I wash two times a day with purpose cleanser and then dry. Oh, I forgot...My cysts usually last about 2-3 weeks until they flatten and they are very deep and the size is about a 1/2 inch...hope this info helps...

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