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Isn't it awful when the very products you're using to fight acne may in fact be causing it? Urrgh!
In high school, I had a list of ingredients, irritating to acne-prone skin, that I copied from a book. I browsed the internet hoping to find a similar list and found a website describing 3 main categories of offending ingredients:

1) Lanolins
2) Laureth-4 AND Isopropyl Myristate (including isopropyl palmitate, isopropyl isothermal, putty sterate, isostearyl neopentonate, myristyl myristate, decyl oleate, octyl sterate, octyl palmitate and isocetyl stearate and PPG myristyl propionate)
3) Coal Tar derivatives commonly found in cosmetics as red dye

The Retin-A cream I started using this summer contains isopropyl myristate! It was prescribed to me after my cystic breakout last June along w/ Plexion cleanser and topical solution (however, the topical also contains isopropyl myristate -- how confusing is that?) Currently, I have no cysts or pimples, but I have blackheads and a few whiteheads -- tiny bumps on my forehead and chin that weren't there before. Maybe, the Plexion helped against the cysts, but what if this Retin-A is perpetuating a problem w/ whiteheads? I'm stopping the Retin-A NOW.

I still believe that using a new sunscreen this summer caused me to breakout. Probably, stopping it's use played a huge role in clearing my skin.

Also, there have been several posts about finding a decent cleanser -- very frustrating topic. I'm using Purpose soap only because it seems to be the lesser evil. It would ravage my face to experiment w/ everything out there and what works for another may not work for me. So, what to do?

Anyway, if anyone knows of a cleanser w/ at least the following 2 qualities, please post:
1) Has pH = 5.5 - This is the skin's pH, slightly acidic to fight acne causing bacteria. Soap has an alkaline pH of about 10. That's why too much washing may irritate the skin and cause acne.

2) Does not contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate - This ingredient is found in most cleansers and shampoos. Purpose liquid cleanser has it which is why I use the soap instead.

I have not broken out using Purpose soap and my skin is extremely sensitive. It's also very oily so I've had no problem w/ dryness either, but it may become a problem as I get even older.

It seems the less I do to my skin, the better.

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