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She's living on her own, no insurance, no nothing. I doubt she could afford accutane. I can't even afford accutane and I live with my parents. Accutane cost around $300-$400 a month w/out insurance.(FOR ABOUT 6 MONTHS -- f*ck that) Now, unless Applebliss has a kick *** job at 20 years old....I'm afraid reality has to kick in.

What I would suggest is, instead of seeing a reg. dermo. go to a small clinic, seeing as they don't charge as much as a huge hospitol or a privately practicing dermo. would charge. Have the doctor there give a look at you and explain to him/her your situation and tell him/her about the prescriptions you were taking when you were younger, the doc will most likely not charge you a lot for the consultation, sh*t there won't have to be a consultation if you tell him everything.

Show him the list of prescribed medicines, if he/she doesn't know crap about the prescriptions or anything about acne at all, ask if he can do you a favor and prescribe them for you, or... if he has any suggestions about acne, take them.

You live a hard life I can tell that you do, I'm 20 years old as well, and I can relate to the problems you go through all day, everday. Sh*t is tough, believe me when I say that I understand, the only thing you can do is keep your chin up and wait for a better tomorrow.


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