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Originally posted by danialgoh:
Hi all

I am a newbie to this board and I hope that I can gain many tips on how to clear up my face.

I have been suffering from acne for 6 years. Yes. It is THAT long. It is hereditary as my mum got it too when she was a teenager. Anyway, my pimples have cleared up and I am SO happy. Of course there are still 2 or 3 pimples left on my face. But its alright as it is clearing up too.

Now my problem is, I have ugly scars and I need to know what can be done to fade those red scars. I really hope there is a remedy to this. I hope someone or anyone can help me. Thank you.

Next, when I had lots of pimples, I used egg yolk in the hope of clearing up my pimples. This method was recommended by somone from the old board. Guess what? My pimples worsened! I used it for 2 weeks and I realised what an ugly sight my face was. I immediately stopped it and I rubbed ice cube on my face. Again, this method was recommended by someone from the old board.

Fortunately, this method works as it really clears up my pimples. So my comment is that the egg yolk works on certain people but definitely not me.

My only worry is how to fade my red scars on my face and I am in need of help. Please help me. Thanks a lot!

Hi1 YOu might want to try an over the counter skin cream that contains gycolic acid in it ( always check with your doctor as some folks can be ultra sensitive). What it does over time is help the skin rejevenate may take a few weeks though....while I cannot list product names ( Ithink thats forbidden right?) YOur pharmacy should have stuff...I have bought this kind of cream in the US and abroad..and it works! But at the end of the day, an dyou need to remember this, the red scars are always most obvious to you. Trust me and don't get yourself sad about it!!!

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