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Ok, I took Accutane, and was totally disappointed with it. I'd still say it worked better than anything else I've tried, but it was not the miracle drug that everyone told me it would be. I took a really high dose, too, and I even took it for 7 months. I went through ALL the side effects, and even though my skin was almost 100% clear while I was taking it, once I stopped, all the oil came back, and the acne too, although not as bad.

Anyway, when I was taking the Accutane, I started taking Diane 35, too, because I was shedding hair, and Diane 35 is supposed to be really good for hair loss AND it's supposed to help a lot with acne. However, the Diane 35 made me put on 12 POUNDS, so a few weeks ago, I stopped taking it and switched back to Ortho TriCyclen. Since then, my acne has gotten worse, so I know that the Diane 35 was really helping a lot. It's just not worth being fat, though. Now I'm struggling to lose than 12 pounds. Before I started taking it, I was 115 pounds. (I'm 5'6") Now, I'm 127. I don't think I am fat, by any means, but I am worried about continuing to gain weight, and I'd like to be able to fit into my clothes again, so I'm using Xenadrine, which is supposed to be really bad for my skin. Lovely. Isn't life grand?

Before the Diane 35, I took Ortho for almost three years. It had zero effect on my skin, and over those three years, I probably gained around 5 to 7 pounds. No big deal. I was too skinny anyway. Now, the only reason I don't stop taking bcp's altogether is because it's really really common for you to lose a LOT of hair after stopping bcp's. What's weird is, the hair loss doesn't start until 3-5 months AFTER you stop taking the pill. It's called Telogen Effluvium (the type of hair loss), and considering the amount of hair I lost from taking Accutane, I don't really want to risk losing any more hair right now. Blech.

Right now, I'm keeping my skin SOMEWHAT under control with B5, Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash, and I use Clindamycin when I remember. I'm also taking 20mg a day of Accutane still, for one more month, although I don't think it's doing any good. Man, I will have been on Accutnae for 8 months by the time I am done!!! Ahh!!!

Just thought I'd share that with everyone....

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